Integrating automatic projector screen that Use RF Remote with ST hub 2 UK Version


I would like to know if there is a way to automate my electronic projector screen. I could not integrate it using my Harmony Elite as the screen using RF radio not IR radio and the Harmony hub can only control devices with IR radios.

Any suggestion for a working solution?

If you want an inexpensive solution and don’t mind a bit of a project than an Arduino with WiFi and a $12 RF chip can do the trick. My projector screen (and projector control, actually) is run from a single Arduino with a SmartThings ZigBee Prototyping Shield (now discontinued). It was a fun project and has been working flawlessly for … years.

Search the Forum for ESP8266. This is a miniature system-on-chip that contains WiFi and likely sufficient Arduino capabilities for this project.

I presume there are some commercial “out of the box” low frequency RF alternatives; but I can’t recall any particular device that has been discussed here along with sample code, etc… Let’s see who else chimes in.