Projector Screen Switch?

I currently have a 3 position switch that I manually use for my projector screen. It has up-stop-down positions. The only things I am seeing in my research are enclosed devices that would eliminate my ability to manually move the screen up and down. Also, those seem to have a different wiring configuration than what I currently have. I currently have the hot and ground wired to my switch and the screen is controlled by two wires, a down and up.

This seems like it would be pretty common but I am not finding one.

Can anyone point me at some options?

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I did my projector & screen.

  • You can solder relays to those buttons to “push them”. Since Arduino shields are hard to find, you might be able to use 2 regular 120v outlets one for each relay, or a low voltage Mimolite. Dozens of options.

  • Does the screen have a remote? Infrared or RF can “easily” be sent by little Arduino project which you could write a DTH to connect to SmartThings via Ethernet, WiFi, XBee, etc…

No remote. It is simply a 3 position switch, with the middle position not completing the circuit. I wish it had an IR since I am probably going to use my Harmony 700 to drive the scene anyway. Maybe there is an IR switch I could replace the current one with.

I don’t really mind losing the physical switch. I just don’t know how to wire up the relays that I have been seeing.

Ironically, I can do this off the top of my head with raw parts (Arduino, etc.)… But I don’t know exactly what the Mimolite or other Z-Wave relays can handle exactly.

Somebody will chip in the conversation, but do Google it.

If they can handle the 120v of your screen motor (I presume it’s 120v…) then it’s bound to work fine with just a touch of solder and patch wires.

So the Mimolite “2” conveniently has 2 relays, but they are max 24vDC each (unless the specs are incomplete)

You can use the low voltage to drive two line voltage relays (120vAC) or whatever your screen motor requires.

I can’t say this is the best solution, but it sure sounds like an easy one (if you don’t want to build something from scratch). Frankly, I’d consider two cheap regular ZigBee or Z-Wave outlets (on sale < $40 or less even), wire them up to 5vDC or similar power adaptors and have those DC adaptors flip the relays.

BTW: It’s quite possible your projector switch is using internal low voltage driven relays; which would save you a couple parts. Post a photograph of its guts?

Busy day today but if you search the forums this has been done. You can order an IR relay board that will work with the harmony and just wire it to you switch, I did to my remote(info posted on here somewhere) but should work the same. If you can’t find it I’ll search later and add links.

Here is the part Velleman 162 IR Receiver Dual Relay System Amazon sells then cheap. Here is the post Link just wire it to your switch instead of the remote.


Thanks for all of the ideas. I’m going to try to learn a little more about dealing with relays and figure out what the motor on my DaLite screen requires.

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