[Ideas] Home Automation ideas with SmartThings

Hey everyone, I have been working in some home automation at my place and a lot of my friends has asked me to write one article about it. Since I wrote this article I just want to share with more people some cool ideas for home automation that you can do too. I hope you liked it, any feedbacks or new idea are always very welcome.

Also if you have any article about your setup, please share with me I will love to see it.

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Nice article! Sounds like you’ve had fun with your setup. :sunglasses:

If you’d like to see some of the project reports that other community members have contributed, you can find them on the lists in the community-created wiki.

The “Get Started” list has some of the examples that people have contributed to give beginners ideas of what they can do with SmartThings, so you might find that interesting from that perspective.


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I had a cool home automation idea… turn on a light with my phone when I can’t conveniently get to the switch.

Oh wait, this is Smartthings, you know how this ends.



I too have my poor Eufy kit sitting out on its own unable to play! Would be great to think it would be able to join the party.