I made a small video of all my Smart Things Integrations

I’m always interested in what others have setup and what their automations are so I made a small video of what I have setup at my house.


It was nice to connect with a fellow SmartThings user and see how excited you are about the possibilities. I would of liked to have seen more specifics of your home in action. We may not be the target audience you are looking for though since we all know the general information and overview. I’m interested in what custom device handlers you are using and smart apps and see them in action. I agree with your comments on the GE smart switch. You’ll install the next one much faster now that you know what to expect. I installed a Zooz on/off switch and I didn’t like the way the terminals where you tighten up the wire leads. They kept falling out. I never had this issue with the GE switches.Eventually I had to push in the screw and then push the wire in and then tighten it. I messed with this way too long that I was going to return it because I was so frustrated. I was interested on the idea of using your existing switch instead of an add on. (you must change the wiring though) Since you have to rewire your existing, I’d rather just put on a new switch anyways like an add on since it would have been much faster for me. Sorry for the added thoughts…

Overall the video is good to explain the possibilities. One comment is to lower the background music volume. That got a bit distracting.

Good Job and look forward to more as you grow and add devices.

Hey Bryce! Thanks for subscribing. The video was a quick video for Z-Wave of my new house setup for their blog. Link here - http://blog.z-wave.com/09-2017-a-diy-smart-home-setup

As of this last week I’ve been pretty much setting up all my items up with CoRE. CoRE is awesome and I don’t know how I did without.

I can probably do a video on what all I have on my SmartThings app and any SmartApps I use.

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