Gate lock open/close intergration - Help please

I just installed gate lock and I’d like to somehow integrate an open/close sensor.

This is the lock:

Basically its just a dumb lock, when the right code is entered (or exit button pushed, from inside) it connects + & - terminals to release the latch.

I’m wondering how to integrate an open/close sensor directly so I can get an alert when the lock is engaged. I realize it will not report if the gate is physically opened or closed. In an ideal world I’d like both, to know when the lock is engaged and if the actual get is left in an open or closed position.

Here is the manual for the lock:

Any idea’s would be appreciated. Thank you.

P.S. This is outside so it has to withstand NYC weather (humid summers/cold winters). There MAYBE room inside the latch mechanism but I’m not sure I haven’t opened it.

What region do you live in? “Weatherproofed” for San Francisco is very different than “weatherproofed” for Copenhagen. :wink: :snowman_with_snow:

As far as the project itself, it may be pretty simple, it just depends on the exact shape of the bolt. In most cases you would just use a magnetic sensor so that when the lock was closed the sensor indicated one position, and when the lock was open it indicated the other.

Note that it doesn’t matter which side of the lock you are using as long as the magnet moves towards it and then away again. I just mention this because some locks have a turn bolt and it’s easier to capture the lock in its open position than in its closed position.

Anyway, the sensors have two parts. There’s the part with the sensor itself and the part with the magnet. You can use any magnet, you don’t have to use the one that comes with the sensor. And that gets themselves are generally quite weatherproof. So if you can find a small thin magnet that fits better on your project, you can usually use that.

Now it’s just a matter of figuring out how to mount the two pieces so that as the lock moves it will register with the sensor. Here is one example from someone who did this with an interior deadbolt. Again, there’s no networked control of the lock, just a sensor to say if the door is locked or not.

That is that with this type of sensor you could put a magnet on the very end of the deadbolt, but you don’t have to. Any place where the lock has a moving part can be used, including the Turnbolt.

The issue is its not a deadbolt type of lock. It has a latch that basically opens when magnetized and then retracts after three seconds (default time). I was more thinking of installing a sensor to register the completion of the circuit when the lock is energized.

BTW @JDRoberts you are amazing… I’m impressed every time with the amount of knowledge you have on almost all topics. As well as your dedication to this community.


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Understood. If it retracts, it’s the same kind of setup. As long as there’s a moving part. :wink:

But if you just want to capture the Circuit being closed you can use any dry contact device that can handle the voltage. There are a couple of contact sensors used for this. If you look at the topics on pressure Mats that’s how they work – – stepping on the mat closes the circuit to the sensor.

The Aeotec is one of the newer devices for this purpose.

There’s also the Mimolite, but I think that’s more than you need.

Note use of either of these may void your warranty on the gate lock, though, if you have to splice wires. If you could hook them up without having to actually cut wires, then you should be OK. So it just depends on the device.

And thanks for the kind words. :sunglasses:

I like the devices. And of course the network protocols. That’s the part I’m really interested in. But I rely on text to speech and can’t do anything with code these days, so you won’t find me in any of those topics. It just happens that the stuff I’m most interested in is the stuff most people find boring, so I stand out more. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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[And an “engineering mind” to logically arrive at a well-thought, organized response! Also much appreciated here, JD!]

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If the gates opens when the mechanism is engaged, wouldn’t the open/close sensor showing that the gate is open tell you that the mechanism engaged?

The gate can’t open unless it’s unlocked right?

Could be closed but not locked. Just like a door with a deadbolt.

Very true… I was just being the devil’s advocate for simplicity… It’s the troubleshooter in me…

All y’all engineers should have to climb inside of the underbelly of a fighter just to remove a weapons computer… I bet it would get designed differently next time! Lol

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In my case if its closed its locked. The lock engages a pin that the latch only disengages to release the pin when energized (unlocked).

Got it. :sunglasses:

In that case, I like @bamarayne 's suggestion: just put an open/close sensor on the gate.

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I think you could use the MIMOlite relay wave device for this. Replace the push button with the relay, and it has a set of inputs for a contact sensor. You can install the contact sensor on the gate to report open/close status, and use the device to trigger the lock to open. This is similar to a garage door setup.

I’m confused if i replace the push button what will i need to “push” to open the gate?

You should be able to wire both in parallel, or you just use ST and can optionally add a zwave button

The relay does need 9V-12V power though. It would probably drain the battery of this gate lock fast.

I thought about just doing, that would let me know when someone opens the gate, not necessarily if the gate is left opened/closed. I would be okay with that. Issue is i couldn’t find anything thats outdoor rated.


Not to dig up an old post, but how do you like your Mighty Mule lock setup? I’m thinking of ordering the same lock and contact relay to secure my side pedestrian gate. Any feedback would be appreciated. Cheers!

It’s been working really well. I haven’t had much time trying to intergrate a smartthings setup. I was thinking of sticking one of those tiny light switch relays inside the box to operate it. The code entry works well enoguh. I’ve had it now for almost a year and the batterys are still operational all throught NYC winter (though it was a mild one this year). Overall I’d recommend the product.

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Awesome! My gate guy wanted $500 to install a double mechanical keypad (like was apartment gates use). This not only saves money it also let me automate it. I’ll let you know how the ST integration goes. Cheers