Video Tutorial Requests

Hey all,

I’ve created a YouTube channel mostly dedicated to Smartthings. I’ll be doing video tutorials, how to’s, diy projects, installations, etc. The devices I have are limited, so I’ll most likely be starting with what I already have. Hopefully my channel will become somewhat successful so the revenue acued from that will go towards more “smart stuff.” Then an endless cycle of videos can come. I’m not trying to plead for exposure, but the way YouTube’s algorithm works, is it won’t get out to the public unless the vids are shared and watch time is high.
The first couple videos I made are for new users or people who are just learning about Smartthings. Other videos will go into more detail.

A list of the things I have off the top of my head:
Go control contact sensors
Go control motion sensors
Go control siren/strobe
Iris motion sensors
Cree smart bulbs
Ihome smart outlet
Sonoff wifi outlets
Rgbw wifi controllers
Nest thermostat
Nest protect
Amazon echo, dots, fire TVs, fire tabs
VLC thing on 3 different PC’s
Smartthings multi sensor
Actiontiles (video done @ bottom of post)

I have more, I’m just drawing a blank

If there’s anything (within reason) that you want to suggest a video for that I already have I’ll make one.
If I don’t have it, feel free to send me one :sunglasses:, then I’ll make a video. But in all seriousness, I will consider purchasing for the greater good.
My next video will be on the Sonoff and rgbw wifi controller. I know someone on here made a good video on that already, but I need to cover my bases.

Here’s the quick ActionTiles overview made: