Programming for Hello Home?

I can’t seem to find anything in the dev docs to show how to code for Hello Home stuff. I want to turn on my Sonos to SiriusXM channel on Good Morning!

This sounds like you want to install the Sonos Mood Music SmartApp and have it triggered on mode change. Simply go into “Smart Setup” by tapping the big plus circle and then set it up. You’ll also want to set up the mode you select to change with the Hello, Home phrase you choose (in this case Good Morning!)

You also need (I think) to add the SiriusXM channel to your Sonos Favorites list.

Thanks. I guess I have to wait til I get home to try it since I can’t connect to Sonos if I am not.

So I tried this and when it gets to the point of selecting what to play, the screen comes up blank.

Have you restarted your SmartThings App? Or logged out and logged back in? Certainly shouldn’t be necessary but sometimes helps.

i believe I have since adding the Sonos. Actually I know I have cause I requested an email change and had to log back in. And I have killed the app b4 as well.

Finding out now that our integration doesn’t support all audio sources, yet. There are deeper integrations we desire and are working towards actively. @thegibertchan I believe you are looking into this?

Do we have a current list of supported sources?

I figured out one way to do it. It’s usually on the same channel, so I just use the play control and it is working. Be great to be able to select from favs tho.

We’re working on improving the Sonos integration. There are a few things we want to improve for a more reliable experience.

In addition to the reliability, there are a few additional features we want to include into the SmartApp. One of which is to able to draw from the Sonos Favorites list rather than the recently played list.

Currently you need to play the channel, song, or playlist from the Sonos controller app, open up ST and refresh your things tile for Sonos so that the track is recognized. Once recognized, you should be able to select it in the SmartApps configurations.