Sonos SmartApp integration

Hi i’ll start out by saying that i’m new home automation and smartthings. So far i love the system.
I’ve got a quick question re integration to sonos, i’ve got a Sonos Mood Music SmartApp setup to start playing a radio station when the mode changes to Away (background music for my dogs) but i’m wondering is it possible to have this rule then pause the playback when the mode switches back to home when someone comes back…or do i need to use the Sonos Play/Pause SmartApp?
Thanks in advance

How did you get it to play a radio station? I only ever the option of playing what is in the playlist at the time which is very limiting. if a radio station is playing it doesnt appear as a selectable option.



Hi Andrew
Yeah the SmartApp doesn’t always show the radio stations…it took a few attempts of playing and stopping with the Sonos app then re-running the Mood music SmartApp before it would find the station…once it’s got the station it does seem to stay there though that’s one good thing.