Play a song on arrival (sonos + presence sensor)

Outside of announcing door openings, I can’t seem to find the place where I get Sonos to do what I want it to do.

I’d like to set it to play a song when my wife arrives home, or when I arrive home for example. I can turn lights on, unlock doors, but I’m not finding Sonos integration.

Try the Speaker Notify with Sound SmartApp in the Marketplace.

I have this set up. It is under Music and Sounds. It is called Speaker Mood Music.If I recall you have to play the track that you want first on the Sonos that you want to use otherwise you can’t see any music.

BTW I have the Italian National Anthem set for my Hubby, Welcome Home by Peters & Lee for me and The Gambler for my son. :sunglasses:

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Thanks all, I haven’t ventured out into adding additional app, just trying to get the app to do what it can natively (which obviously isn’t much). I’ll let you know how it goes.

That definitely looks like the right app, but can’t get music to show up even after I play it on the Sonos through the Sonos app.

Strange. I have just tried setting up a new one but I can’t either - same problem.

Post 15 of the following thread may solve it? I haven’t had chance to try it out yet.

I have just tried this (from the previous post and it does work. Specifically I played the track first from the Sonos app. Then went into ST and opened up my Kitchen Sonos. I had to Play/Pause/Refresh to get the track to show in ST. Then when I went to set up the Sonos Mood Music App the track showed and I was able to select it.

I can get this to work BUT it then randomly plays the song. Anyone else?

Is your location ring set at a fair distance from home - mine is set so that things don’t trigger until I am nearly off our housing estate.

It’s using the Samsung presence fob, not sure how to set the proximity, but we are inside the house.

If you click on the three lines at the top right of the app. then select the cog and the option is in there.

I think I have seen a thread about the presence fobs sometimes displaying what you are saying. My fob appears to work ok but I use phones as the presence sensors.

hmmm…I’m not seeing it. This is all I see when I click the lines.

HI @mbuckingham, you can try Media renderer Events, its an enhanced version of speaker notify with sound, and you can select from some radionomy stations.

From that screen, if you then press the cog (top right, next to the v symbol)

Found it!

It’s at 500ft so that shouldn’t be the issue.