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Here is the part I used. Of course, it will depend on the exact power supply and version of bed shaker:

JacobsParts DC Coupler Female to Female F/F 5.5mm x 2.1mm Barrel Jack Power Connector Plug for LED / CCTV


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If it’s the actual supershaker brand from sonic alert, they make a model with the connector piece to plug into a regular outlet.

I don’t know if you can use the same connector with the 12 V model, or not, my guess would be not. But you could write and ask them.

Thanks. That’s a good find.

When you add up the cost of the individual parts that I bought to essentially re-create that product, my total cost was probably only five dollars less.


I just did a web search for those. Walmart shows it almost $20 cheaper with free shipping.

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The link I gave was to the manufacturer site, it should be less at a lot of retailers, so definitely shop around if you want the whole unit. :sunglasses: I was just wondering if the manufacturer might be able to sell just the plug, or if it doesn’t work with the 12 V model.

That actually is a much more preferable option for me than buying a connector. I did a search but i was having trouble finding the right… term or something for the adapter. Buying the 120v super shaker. My thinking is a Wemo plug connected to wifi and put this in there and then do an IFTTT power on/off thing with Nest protect and that’ll be sufficient for a fire alarm for me while sleeping.

I use a strobe light and plug it into a dimmer plug. When SmartThings senses an event like doorbell or smoke alarm, I have it turn on the strobe light for one minute and then off. The neat thing about the dimmer is that if you set it to a lower %, the strobe light will flash slower. I use the slow flashing lights for non-emergency like door bell and fast flashing likes for smoke detector and water sensor.
This is similar to what I have.
An added bonus with the strobe light is when you have a dance party, you can use the lights for some techno fun.

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I recently lost my hearing, and I am also looking to leverage Smartthings to alert me to various things that I previously could hear. I have a motion sensor outside that changes a few lights to green, indicating someone is outside. After 11pm, this sensor also activates my bed shaker. I also have my CO/smoke alarms tied into the bed shaker.

What I would really love to have is an alarm clock that ties into the bed shaker. I don’t want to buy a purpose-built alarm with a bed shaker pad. I just want to use something like Google Clock to trigger the bed shaker as opposed to playing music to wake me up. I can’t seem to find any alarms that will trigger commands/routines with the alarm. They all seem to trigger after the alarm is dismissed. My problem is that I don’t hear the alarm to dismiss it. If anyone knows of an alarm function that will trigger devices, I’m all ears!

I know I can set this up as an automation in Smartthings. But that’s a clunky, multiple-click approach. I really want the ease of an alarm app with device trigger capability.


  1. Improved bed shakers. In the US There are now several bed shakers that will alert when they hear a UL listed smoke alarm. That is likely to be the safest most reliable method for that use case.

  2. Alerts for other purposes. there are now many smart watches on the market and many systems that can send text alerts. An alternative to a bed shaker is just to wear a watch that vibrates when it receives a text. This has the advantage of working even if power and internet are out.

  3. If you have an Android phone, you can use a combination of two paid third party apps, Tasker and SharpTools, to trigger various SmartThings events, although again there is the issue of SmartThings reliability.

If you have Apple devices, iOS 14 now offers the ability to trigger HomeKit Shortcuts from specific texts/emails. :sunglasses: