House Siren

For those wishing to use Smart Things for home security, the only good siren I’ve found is this Z-Wave siren :

However, I’d like to see something bigger and louder, like those that industrial systems use

Cool. I’ll probably pick one of them up if nothing else becomes available. If you are going to be using smart things as security system a siren is pretty important. However, I’m not sure how ready SmartThings will be for use as a security system when it first comes out. Mainly because I’m not sure if cellular will be supported and you’ll want to make sure everything can still function in the event of a power outage.

I bought the same one (side note - I’m a SmartThings team member).  We’re looking at other siren options, but Fortrezz products work well on the platform.  I also have a Fortrezz water sensor and Fortrezz valve control.

As another comment on the siren, it actually auto-joins the SmartThings hub as soon as you power it on and the hub is in inclusion mode.  Couldn’t be easier.

Very cool that those are working! Will have to look into those down the line then!

Another question for you then Andrew - when do you think a list of items that have already been tested to work might be available? I’m personally holding off on replacing some items in my home until we get the list from you guys that shows what is completely compatible.



Glad to hear it works, I’ll definitely be trying it out.

However, does anyone know if there’s some sort of adapter for Z-Wave or whatever to connect a real alarm siren like this one?

I don’t think it would be too hard, you’d just need the three connections. Maybe something to look at for SmartThing developers?

I use this siren in my current Z-wave system and it works well.

To control another external siren. you could use something like this:

Its on/off control - so it would just need a signal to tell it when to turn on or off.

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