Product Changes for 2017

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Netflix app, PC Xbox phone
Nextgen Reader pc mobile

It’s not a static environment, some developers see HP’s, Microsoft, Alcatel, Acer, etc recent investment as a positive sign.

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Sorry, I forgot to hold down the key when I typed that. They, ST try to look transparent, but they also don’t want to look bad.


Guess I will remove my Duracells as well. Better safe than disappointed.

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@navyvet - Your hub revision seems newer than mine. My hub has been in service since the initial release (can’t recall date) so it should be one of the first ones and it still had the Mitsubishi batteries installed without a sign of leaks. I wonder if this issue affects newer hardware revisions.

In the IDE it says this for hw version:

hub v2, US customer Rev E

Can those reporting the issue confirm the hardware revision? I believe it to be a critical element in determining if this is an issue that affects all v2 hubs, or just some revisions.

The model number is different on the labels… my older model is STH-ETH-200 while your newer version is STH-ETH-250. Your model says made in Korea while mine interestingly does not show any country so my guess is that model 250 might just be just the result of some mfg optimization by integrating more in Samsung’s supply/mfg chain. Maybe my older model was made in the USA (just guessing given the bay area is full of small manufacturing companies that start ups often rely on and once big or acquired move to lower cost foreign mfg sites).

I also noticed the ZWAVE module has an extra -U at the end of the part number but I have not yet found what the difference is.

(Side note: If you want to hide the SN then you should black out the bar code as well because anyone can get the SN from that :wink: )

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Nextgen Reader and Netflix only have a legacy WP8.1 Silverlight app available for mobile.


I’m not an eletrical engineer but if I was, I’d say this is due to bad batteries. :slight_smile:


To dive a little deeper in the above poll… if you had batteries leaking, were they Rayovac or another type. I’m sure Samsung will want to address the issue before any warrantied hubs get damaged. At minimum inform people of the possible issue?

  • Rayovac
  • Other

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So far people have reported the problem with four different brands of batteries, including some that the person purchased themselves. It’s not impossible that they were all bad, but statistically pretty unlikely.

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Add me to the list of leaking batteries. Glad I kept reading this thread. You would think someone from ST would acknowledge the complaints. I just threw mine out and will run it without batteries now.

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Add me to the “due to other battery reports I’ll check mine too” club. Mine were very corroded/leaking. My hub is 18 months old with original Rayovac batteries. Not sure how long the batterirs should last, but i didnt notice any issues the last time i opened the hub a month ago.

Check your Hub V2 Batteries: might be leaking! Recommended hub batteries?

Some helpful info…

So What Do You Do?
To clean a gadget caked with the aftermath of a leaking battery, dip a cotton swab in an acid such as lemon juice or distilled white vinegar and dab it on the potassium carbonate—that neutralizes it. Go slowly. You don’t want the acid to wreak havoc on the device’s other components. The liquid will start to fizzle as it interacts with the potassium carbonate. Once the white powder softens, you can gently rub it away with a cloth or toothbrush.

When you’ve finally restored your prized possession to working order, consider using lithium batteries in place of alkaline. They’re more expensive but far less prone to leaking and less likely to self-discharge, too.


Again – – that advice only applies if you know why the first set of batteries corroded, and in particular if they corroded simply because you had let them die inside the device.

Since for this situation we suspect there may be a design flaw which could be either feeding charge back into the batteries or overheating or simply draining the batteries too quickly, and we don’t know which problem it is, it’s not a good idea to change to lithium batteries at this time. If the problem is one of the first two, a lithium battery could explode in the same situation.

If later it is determined that the only problem is that the hub is drawing power unnecessarily, then lithium batteries might be a good option.

But for right now, changing to lithium should wait until we know more about what is causing the problem, not just what the symptom is.


Thanks guys, for discussing the battery issues. Just checked: same problem. Why wouldn’t ST send out an e-mail to warn us? This was the first time I heard about it.

Concerning Windows: good thing they focus on the more future proof platforms. However frustrating that may be for existing customers.

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Moving battery discussions to a new thread.


I agree, I guess I should’ve left that part out. It was more because my OCD wouldn’t let me leave my battery compartment like that. :fearful: Does the STH not monitor the battery voltage to send a low battery alert?

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I couldn’t care less about an obscure reader app but I’ve been using Netflix enough to pay attention to it.

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A surge protector outlet is just like as you call it “dumb” splitter with MOV (metal oxide varistors) that have no function under normal condition but will open a current path when a fast transient happens. As such, it will not affect the ups in any way.

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All I know is that all the UPS manufacturers have warnings about surge protectors. Here is one:

And when I plug some of my equipment into a surge protector strip and then into my UPS, my UPS buzzes angrily when it’s on battery power. The brand of surge protector doesn’t seem to matter. Same devices plugged directly in to the UPS, I get no buzzing.

Definitely not saying you’re not right about this. It’s just counter to what I understand and have experienced.

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I have a whole house surge protector. Does that mean I can’t use a UPS?


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That would mean your surge protection is before the UPS not after, so shouldn’t be a problem.