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Product Changes for 2017


Couldn’t they have thrown in something to look forward to? The only things they are committing to are things they aren’t going to do. How about saying that the tv app or samsung tv control functionality might actually be working sometime soon.

(Andy Edgeworth) #142

I’ve run both my hubs without batteries from day one, about a year now, without problems. My thinking was that nothing would work without the mains supply anyway, and the hubs become operational again within minutes once power is restored.

(Bob) #143

With you totally on that one.
Unless you have ups keeping everything alive, why keep the batteries in.

(Stephen Hill) #144

Mine didn’t come with batteries - pretty glad it didn’t now! :slight_smile:

(jhoff80) #145

Again, the new Netflix UWP app is PC only. It is not available on mobile. The developer gets to choose which platforms they deploy to, and the Netflix app available on phones is only the Silverlight WP8.1 app. That’s why Netflix doesn’t have any Continuum support on phone either. The article you link says that the UWP app will be available on phones in the near future… except it never happened.

Netflix on the phone is version, the old Silverlight version. Netflix on PC is UWP and is version 6.17.61. I don’t know how many more ways I can say the same thing. As I said before, even the developers who are putting out UWP apps just aren’t bothering with phone in many cases.

(Sam G) #146

Only had batteries in my v2 since Early December. Opened it up today due to comments & the rayovac’s were leaking acid! Thanks for the heads up in this thread. This really should go out to all owners. Bottom of the unit seemed a bit warm also but I haven’t gone back to check if that was due to battery presence or unit itself.

(Rick S) #147

I got the following reply back from support, go figure

Thanks for reaching out! I’m sorry to hear you experienced this problem with the corrosion of your Hub’s batteries. There is nothing wrong with your Hub or batteries, and this will naturally occur when devices constantly draw power from batteries in a backup capacity.

We definitely apologize for not alerting people sooner but we did recently publish a support article that addresses why this occurs, how to clean the corrosion, and steps you can take to prevent this from happening again. Please check out the following link:

So much for taking any ownership

Check your Hub V2 Batteries: might be leaking! Recommended hub batteries?
(Steve White) #148

The article is nothing more than an attempt at misdirection. The fact is that batteries are going dead in 1-3 months for some people. There is more going on here than simply old batteries that are leaking from natural neglect.

(Paul) #149

Same here… Thanks for the heads up to check.


Checked mine last night and snap. exactly the same issue. thanks for the heads up but rather disappointed tbh. suppose i will have to look into a UPS

(Dan P Parker) #151

How odd then that I’ve had all of these other devices with battery backups for so many years that have never exhibited this behavior.


Just beyond 6 months but me too. Although I find Rayovac leak way too often. Last pack I’ll buy. . .although it was 60 batteries so I’ve got a ways to go.

(Rick S) #153

What about TV remotes and other electronic devices… This appears to be a ST issue at the moment to me at least


(Robin) #154

Just replaced my Nest Protect Lithium AA’s after 2 years of use… Not a spec of corrosion to be seen.

(Paul) #155

Just checked mine. Rayovac leaking.

I had the batteries out after the last firmware update caused issues. No issues then. Just checked and sure enough leaking.

I did have a 2 hour power cut at the weekend but there usage shouldn’t result in this.

Ticket logged.

(Paul) #156

I think this issue here is that batteries start to leak most noticeably when they are dead. When the batteries in your tv remote die, you know about it (because the remote stops working). The only time I’ve seen batteries leak in TV remotes are in the remotes that sit in my drawer unused.

I don’t have a v2 hub, but I don’t think there is any alert that the batteries are dead, correct?

I just want to point out that my hard wired Nest Protects are 4 years old and still have plenty of battery life left in their traditional alcaline batteries. No leaking. I checked because of this thread! So there is nothing inherent to the hard wired/battery backup design that should cause this. I think ST has some engineering to do here.

(Tim Slagle) #157

Our team is aware of the issue and is actively working on a solution. We will share further updates as soon as possible.

(Matt) #158

Fujitsu batteries, in since October or November. No leaking. It certainly seems to be more prevalent with the Rayovak

(Brian Diehl) #159

Rayovac here in a hub v2 since December 2015.
No leaking here. Original batteries.


I just removed mine, then had a duh moment, it was plugged into ups anyway. I would have been very unhappy if it had ruined my hub and and to redo all 50+ devices/switches/lights/garage etc… yeah I am in the “there should be a backup” camp.