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(Robin) #101

Do you have leaky batteries? (Only vote if you actually use batteries in your hub)

  • Yes
  • No

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(Bob) #102

No leaky batteries, but then again I took them out when I first got the hub and had to do a reset in the first month. Didn’t put them back in as if I lose power to my hub, I also lose internet so I do not see the point. Not sure what make they were though.

(Dana ) #103

Never put batteries in, so glad I did not!

(jhoff80) #104

That is not how it works at all. Each developer chooses which platform to target. It’s why Netflix UWP is available on PC but not phone. The same for Nextgen Reader UWP. And Sketchable. And Drawboard PDF. And tons and tons of other PC-only apps. Just because an app is UWP doesn’t mean that it is automatically available on all platforms. And moreover, it often requires extra UI design to optimize for the smaller screen unless you’re using only the most basic interactions.

As for my thoughts on the 950XL, I wouldn’t buy it in 2017, that’s for sure. I still prefer the W10M UI, and there’s a few small things I like better about Windows over Android. But I wouldn’t get a phone that even Microsoft has little intention of supporting unless it was under $100. And with more and more developers who are (rightfully) leaving behind their barely-used WP apps, the situation is going to only continue to get worse. UWP is not going to magically fix any problems.

(Dale C) #105

Well I stand corrected. It has always been my understanding from reading the Microsoft marketing machine dribble that was the whole intent of UWP was to make it more desirable for the developer so that his efforts didn’t need to be duplicated.


I changed my mind after reading some more. Took the Duracalles out. It seems any battery is at risk in the hub.

As others have said, if I lose power I lose Internet anyway. One advantage with batteries is faster recovery as the boot time on the hub is not exactly fast.

I thought I had mine on UPS anyway but after looking I only have it in a surge protected outlet, not a battery-fed outlet. I need to get an outlet saver to move it over as the only free battery-fed outlet I have is obscured by a wall wart.

Very glad I saw this thread. Thanks.

(Tim Raynor) #107

I;ve had two hubs one with Panasonic batteries , no leaking and one with Rayovac , 3 out of 4 leaking…

My bet is on cheap batteries causing the problem.

(Andrew) #108

Just another thank you to everyone who brought up the battery issue in this thread.


(Larry) #109

i don’t use batteries, hub is not reliable enough in a remote location that you don’t need the option to reboot periodically . I put mime on a 100 ups and a wifi switch so i can remotely reboot it

as for removing smart apps that developers dont support… Most likely this is because YOU DON’T support developers , we have had requests to publish smart apps and device types in the queue for over a year with you ignoring us…

(Paul) #110

Do be sure you never use a “surge protector outlet strip” attached to a UPS. Only use “dumb” splitters because a surge protector can mask the load from the UPS’s sensors.

(Ridiz) #111

Off-topic, but since this thread is how I found out and because everyone else is posting here…leaking batteries in a v2 hub here too. Rayovac in a hub purchased August 2016. Removed and will not replace.

(Justin Bennett) #112

Ditto, just checked batts. Leaking badly! They are Rayovac, purchased late Nov 2016! Seems like this deserves its own thread.


(Steve White) #114

To anyone with leaky batteries please try this experiment if you have a volt meter. With your hub powered on and the batteries removed, put your meter across the opposing terminals at each end of the battery compartment. You should see a reading of 0 or perhaps a few millivolts. I am wondering if the hub is leaking DC onto the batteries which would also cause them to rupture.


Good advice. I was aware but thank you.

(Robin) #116

I’m thinking I might install some dummy batteries and then use an external battery case.

If they leak again it won’t damage the hub.

1 of these with the mains adapter cut off:

3 of these:

1 of these:

(Dana ) #117

And my wife says I over engineer everything. :wink:

Going to show her this for sure. :smiley:

(Kendal Van Dyke) #118

Crud…leaking Rayovac batteries here, too. Hub plugged in about 8 months.


No UWP support pretty much ends my support to SmartThings. I was hesitant to use it because of the always-on internet connection needed part of the ST solution, but closing this will not help.

As for the support for Windows 10 desktop, if you don’t have an app, no one’s is going to use it, that’s for sure. Surface and 2-in-1 users are on the rise, you’re cutting yourself out of this base as well. I’d rather configure all the solution using an tablet than phone’s small screen.

Most of the code you have on your phone app could definitely be used in that UWP app, btw…

Too bad, really.


They can consider me as a customer lost as well and a few of my friends that were about to get the hub because of the success I was having.