Product Changes for 2017


I just happened to check the batteries today in my hub and they were leaking. My V2 hub is less than 6 months old. Glad I caught it before it was too bad.
Edit: Rayovac Bayteries

(Dana ) #62

Amidst all the hand-wringing here (including my own) I do want to note that I do appreciate that ST came out w/a statement. That combined w/the recent coordinated activity around the issues w/CoRE is encouraging.

Plans that companies announce frequently change, but it is not that frequent that they very publicly and openly acknowledge the changes like this.

So you have that going for you. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.) :wink:

(Cam Soper) #63

The other thing to recommend here is Home Remote. It’s not perfect, but it does a decent enough job so long as you don’t need SmartApps. It also integrates with Cortana. It’s a little picky about phrasing, though.

It has its own designer, so you can design custom interfaces, too.

(Brian Diehl) #64

CastleOS is designed specifically for Windows. It even uses Kinect for voice control.

(Jay) #65

This just reminded me to check mine. All were leaking, figures.

(Dana ) #66

BTW, ST, regarding backup.

If you could offer a customer service-coordinated process you could provide “backup” w/out actually having to back anything up.


  1. Loser like me buys ST and adds 1,000 devices and 88 Smartapps, and custom configures the sh_t out of it.
  2. Loser like me accidentally drops a quart of hydrochloric acid on hub. Sue me, I was Spring cleaning!
  3. Loser purchases new hub.
  4. Loser gets on phone w/ST support, and is escalated to Level 2 support, and is taken through a process that allows ST to link the new hub to the customer’s existing account. Requires various proofs of ownership, blood samples, and offering up of first born male child.Maybe ST owners are required to go through a pre-disaster enrollment of some sort (providing info to ensure proper ID) to facilitate this process.

Loser —>> WINNER! New hub, all ST devices, apps, customizations retained!

No, don’t shower me with money, your applause is sufficient.

(David S) #67

I suppose while bandaids are being ripped off, does that mean that @slagle can confirm the @alex weekly updates are not coming back?

(Michael) #68

Whatevs’… Your product has been buggy since day one for me. Thank you for making the decision to move on easier.

(Michael) #69

Oh, and everyone please check your ST provided batteries.

I didn’t see the recall notice for this well known issue either, but decided to check since it was mentioned in this thread.

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Holy batteries batman! I didn’t know about the batteries! I just checked mine… I would have been very angry if more time had passed and ruined my hub. Especially with no way to back up and restore.

Glad I was reading this thread. I had no idea batteries were leaking. Phew… I would suggest anyone who has stock batteries check.

(JStrott) #71

Is the current recommendation to just remove the batteries and run without them?


Good question… I just replaced mine with good Duracells. If I find out its better to run without them Ill pull em out.

(Ray) #73

I understand Windows phone but You know there are a few windows tablets out there right?

(Dale C) #74

ST is flawed in their thinking here… this low percentage is because you don’t have UWP app my friend. It’s the chicken and the egg game and ST chose poorly in not jumping to a UWP app years ago. It isn’t about the Windows Phone but about Windows10 UWP. ST is showing their ignorance with some of the statements above.

But that being said I think the best solution for all platforms is one that was mentioned earlier and that is to make the ST user interface agnostic via html 5 browser. SmartTiles gives you a sense that a robust web client would be widely accepted.

I also think a backup/restore tool is desperately needed because if my system were to fail I don’t know why I would not just go reconfigure with a HomeSeer system.

(Jimmy) #75

From the reports in the Facebook group, brand doesn’t matter. Most of them came with Rayovac, but some people have replaced them with other brands and had those leak, too. I’ve left mine out.

I’m not sure this is a valid scenario, but if there are a decent amount of SmartThings users that aren’t on the Facebook group or this forum, there could be a lot of hubs that will be ruined without a way to backup and restore to a new one. Which means those users go to a new platform.

(Ray) #76

There is a recall notice? I know people with batteries issue on this forum but I don’t think there is a recall notice.

(Jimmy) #77

There is no recall and highly doubt there ever will be.

(Mark) #78

My batteries were also leaking!

(Wayne) #79

I’m not on facebook, I had no idea until I saw this thread and then searched the forum. Mine were badly leaking too. Smartthings really should have made an announcement here or contacted users by email of this potential problem.

(Adam Laakso) #80

Checked mine and they leaked too. Thanks for the heads up. Same brand of batteries