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New to this community I’ve been making good progress but last night was interesting. I configured my ST routines used “presence” linked to my iPhone and something odd occurred. At around 2 am I swore I heard my garage door opening so I went down to look and sure enough, all my main floor lights were on, my door was unlocked, and my garage door was open. I walked over to my phone and sure enough, a routine had run but this is where it gets odd.

The message I see is "Performing “Goodbye” for you as requested because Vincent’s iPhone left. Now this is odd because my iPhone never left but maybe it dropped connectivity or something right? That I can see happen, however, my “Goodbye” routine specifically says, lock the doors, turn off the lights, and close the garage door lol.

In any case it kept happening throughout the night so I finally gave up and went to the gym hahaha.

Any idea why it would run a routine and then do the opposite of that routine? No other alert messages. I’ve since taken out the presence component but I’m perplexed.

I’ve stopped using the mobile presence sensor, way too many issues with it. But your routine going crazy, the only thing I can think of is that yesterday a few people were having motion and other contact sensors randomly going off (including me). A hub reboot fixed it. I think they are gremlins leftover from last weeks ST cloud issues and a reboot seems to fix it.

Contact support as well to be on the safe side.

I’ve seen this occur when the phone is low on battery. I suspect it may also occur when the garbage collection runs and sweeps it from memory. If my son’s battery is low, it always leaves without him. If he is using his phone a lot, sometimes it goes away for awhile too. Mine has been really stable (knock on wood).

Now that you mention it, I was having all kinds of sensor issues yesterday too. They weren’t opening and closing in real time, I couldn’t add any multi- purpose sensors, and my hub was blinking green a lot. I rebooted and it didn’t seem to change much.

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This is, unfortunately, a rather common issue with smartthings. That is, the presence issues, not the weird routine things… That one is weird.

I’ve been with ST for almost a year. Something I learned a long time ago was not to trust it.It has only been very recently (last two months) that I’ve allowed my presence sensors to do anything other than turn on some lights.

I stopped using the stock ST presence and went to the life360 app. It has a ton of options and it works so much better than ST.

I currently allow my presence sensors to only open my garage door, but this is the way I did that.

Life360 detects when I am at certain locations, Walmart, Publix, Winn-Dixie… these are all places I would be coming from that I want to go in through the garage.

So, life360 detects when I’m there. When I leave those specific locations life360 detects that. Via IFTTT a virtual switch is turned on in ST. Life360 tells IFTTT that I have left one of those places, IFTTT then tells ST to turn on the switch.

When I arrive home, the life360 integration with ST alerts the system that I am home. I have a routine set up in CoRE (I never use the stock routines for anything other than mode changes) that when I arrive home AND a certain virtual switch is on then it runs that routine, which opens the garage door.

In two months I’ve never had the door open inadvertently. I have had the door not open, but that was because of the delay from IFTTT. I got home before the system knew I had left the store.

But, my point is, there are a lot of ways to do different things. Look around the forum and ask questions. You will get a lot of great advice.

And this is my advice. Do NOT trust ST to anything relating to your security. Find a way that adds in checks to the system. Your safety is paramount. It may take more work, but in the end it is worth it.


Same here with life360, works great, but I did have my garage door open yesterday in the afternoon for no reason and the system swore it was closed. That’s the first time in probably 4-5 months that has happened.

I’d definitely report it to support, but it’s possible that some of your requests got stacked when there was a hub outage and then ran later. It’s also possible that your phone going on and off triggered not just your goodbye routine but also your I’m home routine. Or could be some other random weirdness.

Tagging @slagle in case he has any more ideas.

Meanwhile, if you want to look into it yourself, you can check the individual event logs for one of the devices that went goofy, like the doorlock, and see exactly what it thinks it was responding to.

  1. Open the mobile app

Two) go to my house/rooms (icon with four little squares at the bottom of the page)

Three) choose “things”

  1. find the device in the list and tap on its name (not the icons to the left or right of the name, just the name itself) and that will open its details page.

  2. at the top of the details page, click on “recently” that will show you the event log for just this device.

You can also check exactly which routines/smart apps might affect this device. Follow steps one through four above to open the device’s details page. This time instead of “recently” tap on “smart apps” this will show you the list of smart apps that are controlling this device. Tap on one of those to see the set up screens for it.

But to be honest given that your hub was acting flaky at the same time, my guess would be delayed requests. But support may be able to help you figure that out.

Good luck, let us know if you find anything out. I know how frustrating this can be – – I had the same issue in the fall of 2015 when my front door just started randomly unlocking, and I wasn’t even using a presence sensor with it. :scream: