Problems with Lightify+SmartThings Lately

As the title says, I’ve been having some issues with my Lightify bulbs connected to SmartThings recently. In the last 2 weeks they have consistently been not responding. It will say “turning on” or “turning off”, but never actually update in the SmartThings app. Therefore, I have no idea what the actual state of the bulb is when I’m not home. They will also become “unavailable” in the SmartThings app from time to time. They aren’t far from the hub. I’ve tried resetting the bulbs and repairing them to the hub, and the firmware is 492, which I believe is up to date.

Is anyone experiencing the same or have any ideas?

Yep, exactly the same.

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one nice thing about a panel power meter, it supervises everything. If you have a before and after power reading then you’ll know, even if the end device doesn’t report well.

Also cameras. Pretty much overkill to just check a bulb but they can be pretty easy to setup by Wifi.

I have come to dislike smart bulbs. They often seem to cook themselves. Switches and dimmers may last longer on average.

have you tried rebuilding your zigbee mesh by pulling the batteries and power cord from the hub for 20 minutes? Also, are you leaving the bulbs constantly powered on?

Yeah, I’ve done that a couple of times to no avail. And yes, I am keeping them on all the time. I’ve just had lousy luck with the Lightify bulbs. The Cree bulbs have given me better results, but I want color in some places. I think I’ll give hue a try. Thanks for the reply!

I, too, prefer switches. I have switches in every place it is appropriate. I only have bulbs for lamps. If it comes to it, I may find some z wave plug modules. My z wave mesh seems to have zero issues. I think I’m going to give hue a shot. The 4 bulb starter kit is $139.99 right now.

You might consider Ikea TradFri as well. I have been really happy with mine. I have not tried the new color ones. But the color temperature ones are rock solid.


Device Handler:

Pairing Directions: (Follow VERBATIM)

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Do the ikea color bulbs only come in the “dimming kit”? I don’t see the bulbs by themselves, weird.

Correction: I am not sure. I could swear they had them in the store separately. If it were not snowing, I would stop on the way home from work and verify.

They absolutely come as individual bulbs and also as part of the dimming kit. I think the bulbs alone are $17.99, and the kit with remote is $26.99

I usually buy one dimming kit for a group of lights, and then the rest of the group would be individual bulbs.

If you go to the store, be careful what box you pick up. The bulbs and packaging all look VERY similar to each other. (Almost picked up a regular dimming light in a group of color temp lights) The easiest way to tell is the lumen ratings.

At the moment the IKEA Trådfri color bulbs only come as part of a kit with the dimmer. I bought one and I have to say, it’s Trådfri vs Hue Gen 3, but has a deficiency in green/yellow. I’ve tried it with Wink, SmartThings and Hue Bridge. It pairs with all three, but I didn’t bother with looking for a compatible SmartThings Device Handler for color control because I have the Hue Bridge and that’s where I wanted it. Wink does not give you color control at the moment. You can only pair as a generic Zigbee bulb. Apparently, you also get better Hue Bridge control vs Trådfri Gateway currently. I no longer have a Trådfri Gateway with which to test.

The bulb works with Hue because it has the newer firmware the supports Zigbee HA. You can also authorize the remote with the Hue Bridge so it will not be “stolen” by subsequent pairing with the gateway, however this only gives you ON/OFF and dimming capabilities and you cannot cycle through associated Hue Scenes with the Ikea remote in the same way you’re able to toggle through “Moods” when the remote is paired with the IKEA Trådfri Gateway.

The trick with getting the IKEA Trådfri color bulb to pair with a Hue Bridge is, you must first scan for new bulbs in the Hue app, and then put the IKEA color bulb into pairing mode (Power ON & OFF 6 times). It will then appear in the Hue app and you can treat is as you would a Hue color bulb.

If you’re having trouble getting the remote to be accepted by the Hue Bridge, consult the link below. It will show you a basic pairing procedure, which you can in turn use that concept in order to get any Zigbee remote to be accepted by the Hue Bridge and the SmartThings hub. The only difference is you’ll get some feedback from the SmartThings app, but the Hue app will not give acknowledgment that you have paired a non-Hue Zigbee remote, but you will have, and it does work. I have five Lutron Connected Bulb remotes, one IKEA Trådfri remote and one Philips Hue remote paired with my Hue Bridge and various bulbs. They all work, but only the Hue remote is programmable via Hue Labs and third-party apps like iConnect Hue.

How to authorize non-Hue Zigbee remotes with a Hue Bridge

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