Help with Lightify!

I’ve connected a few lightstrips thanks to the Lowe’s blowout, but it seems like everyday they become unresponsive and I have to unplug/replug to bring them back. Is it possible to instead of connecting them directly to the Smartthings hub, connect them to a Lightify hub and connect the Lightify hub to Smartthings? This is what I’ve done with my Hue lights which have always worked perfectly.

I hook mine up directly to the Smartthing hub and don’t use the Lightify hub. They work good doing it directly to the hub.

I connected mine directly to the hub, I had a similar problem which I was able to correct by moving my hub to a more central point of my house.

Be sure to update the firmware if you haven’t already. The older firmware has all sorts of problems including them becoming unresponsive. See here for instructions on how to update the firmware using the SmartThings Hubv2


I manually checked and it shows they need Firmware updates, how long does it usually take for it to happen and is there a trick to make it happen sooner?

How much did you pay for yours?

Agreed, my lightify had drop off etc issues till I upgrade the f/w . especially the outdoor color strips. They were missing commands, freezing up etc. I bought a cheap lightify hub off ebay for 30 some bucks and I just use it to upgrade the f/w. Smartthings supposedly has f/w upgrade capability for lightify now. But I have found it spotty which devices and supports and not as reliable as the lightify hub.

$20 when everything was 75% off

My bulbs only took a few hours to all update.