Problems Getting Set to Armed/Away Routine to Work Consisting

I am new to this community, but not new to SmartThings. I am running V1 of the hub, so that might have something to do with this problem. I have 3 presence devices, but only use 2 (iPhones). I would like to have a way to set the Security to Alarmed/Away, when both iPhones are “AWAY”, and then of course, the set the Security to DISARM, when either of those iPhones come back to “Present”. I added a Routine for “Set to Armed/away”, when both phones are away, and modified “I’m Back” routine to set Security to DISARM, when one of the iPhones is Present. This does not work consistently, in fact it rarely works, and now my SECURITY status, changes randomly, even though the Routines have been effectively disabled. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Smart Home Monitor has been experiencing near total failure for a while…

Here is the SmartThings Status page showing what is currently going on:

With that said, I would recommend using Rule Machine to run your system rather than using Routines.

Wow!!! Thanks.

I’m running the same type of leave / arrive routines, using 2 iPhone 6’s as presence devices with a V2 hub. I ran into an occasional issues with the timing of the “I’m Home” routine and the disarming of my SHM security alarms. What I was told was the processing in the “cloud” was not always a first in, first processed timing. While I would pass my geo fence perimeter first when returning home, when I’d remotely open my garage door, that event would process before the “I’m Home” routine and my alarms would trigger. I pushed my geo fence out, basically doubled the distance from about 1 city block to 2 city blocks and the problem for all practical purposes went away. Did I have problems this past week when there were issues with the ST’s processing, yes, but overall the ST’s system is doing exactly what I wanted for monitoring my home.