Problems Adding SmartApps

I just upgraded to latest Smartthings app from classic recently. Today I tried to add a few Smartapps, unfortunately none of them was success. It always shows “Process…” on screen and seems stuck there forever. I had to close Smartthings app to end the process.

My cell phone is Google Pixel 2 XL and all apps are upgraded to latest. Anyone has any clues? Thank you.

Any malware blocking on your home network or using a pihole? Strict firewall rules? Vpn?

I am using the new V3 hub (FW 000.030.00005) and new S.T. app (V1.7.47-22).

My SmartApps are showing as installed in the IDE with OAuth enabled for all.

They all show up in my SmartApps on the app.

All good so far, right… Or so I thought!

Then when I try and go to actually install/load any of them I get the same error message.

I am very new to S.T. and quite a noob with anything like this but would anyone know what maybe causing this error?

It seems it happens on all of the’My SmartApps’ regardless of which one I try.

This problem is driving me nuts as I have been wrestling with it for days now. Any help would be well appreciated.


Do you have malware blocking on your home network such as adguard or a pihole?


Nothing like that installed on my devices or network.

I just tried this and I am actually able to add SmartApps from the SmartThingsPublic (master) in the IDE but not custom GitHub Repository Integrations in the settings.

I followed your advise from this topic. It worked by loading the Classic app and going to marketplace. Does adding SmartApps through the IDE not work anymore except from SmartThingsPublic?

Now the SmartApps seem to appear in Connected Services (that’s for that tip, I didn’t know that and why they should be hidden over there)

But, I have no idea how to use them.

When I try and create an automation there is no option for any of these connected services or am I being really stupid again and missing something very obvious?

Life360 is confusing because you would think you can use it from the Member location option but unfortunately it is only available to use with Device status. August locks and your ecobee devices should also be available to use under device status.

@jkp You are correct! I have pi-hole. After disable pi-hole, smartapps are working now! Thanks a lot for the help! :slight_smile:

Good call @jkp - had this exact issue yesterday. Looking at pihole logs I needed to whitelist: to get my custom SmartApp working again (required restarting the app also)

Even after disabling ALL ad blockers, restarting my phone,etc. I keep getting the “We’re having trouble connecting. Check your network connection and try again”. I finally got the Community Installer to show up, I click that, it shows the “welcome” screen for like 5 seconds and then throws that error.

Pihole or vpn? And we are referring to blockers on your home network.

Type of phone, os and version?

Only your Smartapps are experiencing the issue?

Samsung S9+ – Android 10

SmartApps so far that I’ve noticed.

Tried cellular only with wifi disabled?

Yup. Making a screen recording right now.

Any other mobile or tablet devices you can test with?

Yup, Tried with my Nexus 6P, exact same thing. Loads the community “start” screen and then exits out and throws the connectivity error.

I am stumped. The majority facing the issue have some type of pihole on their home network. The remaining users have some type of blocking software such as adguard or other malware blocking. It doesn’t appear you have any, so I am stumped.

Contact ST support and see if they have any solutions or hopefully another community member may have some thoughts.

Strange that it occurs on multiple devices for you.

I agree. Also it happens on LTE and Wifi. Here is the GIF

Ok, one last question. It is only the community smartapp installer you are experiencing this issue or with all Smartapps?

Seems to be only the community smartapp installer

Do you have the latest code installed for it? There was an update released for it last week.