Problem with ST outlet and LED dimmable bulb

I’ve been using the ST outlet to turn a lamp on and off. The bulb in the lamp is a GE Energy Smart LED A60 Dimmable 11w bulb.

When the lamp’s on, the power usage reported to ST fluctuates massively from 11w down to almost 0w. As it does, the lamp brightness drops accordingly.

For example (from the ST log):

21:09 - 5.7 w
21:09 - 11.5 w
21:14 - 11.3 w
21:16 - 3.0 w
21:16 - 1.4 w
21:16 - 6.0 w
21:16 - 11.6 w
21:16 - 3.2 w
21:16 - 1.6 w
21:17 - 11.6 w
21:18 - 11.5 w

Any idea why this might be happening?

Before using the ST outlet, the lamp was plugged directly into a normal outlet with no issues.

Many thanks

Possible the wattage of the bulb is too low. If you are talking about the Smartthings dimming outlet then you can get in touch with support and request the minimum wattage requirement. This is a rebrand Centralite dimming outlet which also didn’t provide too much detail either.

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