Z-Wave Dimmer Switches and GE Link Bulb Questions

Hi there

I am new to this HA stuff, but VERY keen to learn as this is some cool s#!t!

I currently have the ST Hub, and 4 GE Link bulbs. During the initial set up I have learned a few things and have a few questions:

  • The GE Link bulbs do not dim very low when using the ST app. They seem to stop around the 40% mark, which is way too bright for some instances. Is this normal? The bulbs seem to work fine when I use a regular wall dimmer switch, although I am sure this is not recommended…
  • I am realizing that the GE Link bulbs are OK (if they could dim properly) but requiring an app to dim them seems a bit cumbersome, so I am now looking at Z-Wave dimmer switches. I have read that the GE switches require a minimum of 40W to work properly, so I am looking at the Linear WD500Z. Anyone have any experience with these? Would you recommend any others?
  • Will an in-wall dimmer switch like the Linear dim the lights, or simply turn them on and off (leaving the dimming functionality to the app)?
  • What are applications where you recommend using a GE Link type bulb over Z-Wave switches?


First of all, welcome to ST!!

Typically z-wave switches and dimmers are a better option than smart bulbs, especially if a single switch operates multiple bulbs. The bulbs can be great for outdoor lights or household lamps that don’t have a dedicated switch and would normally be operated at the lamp. I’m a little atypical as I’m using 15 of them in my basement so I can zone off sections as all overhead are on a single switch.

-You’re exactly right about always needing an app to dim. As mentioned above, they have their uses. The Linear WD500Z is the recommended z-wave dimmer wall switch on here. I have used them to control a single LED up to 16 LEDs with no issues. They don’t buzz and dim smoothly, but they do require a neutral wire in the switch box.

-You can dim directly from the Linear dimmer switch (or any of the availabe ones). Press and hold the top to dim up, hold the bottom to dim down. Real easy.

Hope this helps! Try the seach as a lot of this has been addressed in various GE Link Bulb threads. You’ll probably stumble onto a ton of good info.