Dimmable LED bulb not showing correct off state in ST

I have 2 Jasco Enbrighten smart dimmable LED bulbs, both acting weird:

When I turn off either bulb, ST app stays at “TURNINGOFF” and level drops to 33-34% and the bulb turns off. But “TURNINGOFF” indicator turns back to “ON” even though the bulb is actually off.

The only 2 solutions I found were the correct “OFF” for the already off bulb were:

  1. Pressing refresh in the ST
  2. When the indicator changes back to “ON”, press the switch a second time.

Any help, suggestions?

I’m having the same problem did you find a solution?

Yes, I changed the device type to “Dimmer Switch” and it’s working flawless so far. The default “zwave dimmer switch generic” was the problem. Just change the device type in ST IDE and you’ll be set.