Smart Plugs/Outlets


I need to add a couple more smart outlets/plugs our setup. I currently have one of the original ST Outlets (which, incidentally, I cannot even get the hub to find right now) and some of the Centralite Lowes Iris plugs as well. While the shape isn’t the most convenient, I love that these are both Zigbee & Z-Wave repeaters. It helps keep a strong mesh on both systems.

It looks like these plugs are perhaps being phased out and there are certainly several others on the Lowes website, even many other Iris branded options. I’ve taken the time to look through all the info online for their specifications but this isn’t really the kind of thing typically published on a website like that. Does anyone know if any other smart plug (doesn’t have to be Lowes) that has this same dual protocol setup?

Really dumb question: if a smart plug supports “dimming” does the lamp/light have to support it or just the bulb (meaning that it’s dimming capable, not necessarily “smart” like Hue). Will it “hurt” a bulb to try to dim it and see if it works or can that break something? I wouldn’t perhaps know if a light/bulb I already have is dimming compatible and wondered if I can just try it and see or if that would leave me with a screwed up or dead bulb.

Lastly, what are people’s favorite smart plugs? Are the newer version of the ST outlet any better than the original (which I have to say has been abysmal, in my limited experience)? Due to the issues I’ve had, I’m a little worried about whether they’ve improved it. The Wemo Mini is very well rated online by users and farily inexpensive at Costco right now but from what I’ve seen on the forums, people’s experience with them & ST is mixed - some have a great time with it and others can’t get them found in the app. Will all the smart outlets listed on the “Products” section of this site give the same experience with ST?

Thanks so much in advance!

Dimming a incandescent bulb is fine. Dimming a non-dimmable CFL/LED will kill the bulb. Lamp itself shouldn’t matter, its just transferring power to the bulb.

I don’t know of any outlet that is both Z-Wave and ZigBee, only one or the other. I’ve only used the SmartThings ZigBee outlet which has been very reliable as both a outlet and a repeater for me. Mine s a “v1” and they are selling both a v1 and a v2 depending on where you get it from.