Problem with 'My Device SSE' Node in Samsung Automation Studio

I made a flow starting with ‘My Device SSE’ Node by Samsung Automation Studio.
It was intended to be working when the virtual switch in Smartthings is on or off.
It seems that it works properly for a few hours after deployed, but after that, it doesn’t recognize the status of virtual switch even if it is changed.
I’m thinking that there is a problem with ‘My Device SSE’ node, because I confirmed that other flows starting with ‘Inject’ node or ‘Bixby Capsule Label’ node have no problem.
Is there anyone had the same situation as well? I’m wondering if there is any solution to solve this problem.

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Hi, @484829292.

I can ask the team to see if there’s a way to find out what’s happening on the ST side.
Can you share the configuration you set on the Samsung Automation Studio side, please?

If I understand correctly, despite the status changes on ST, that automation doesn’t “notice” it, but you’re not sending commands to that ST device from there, right?

Please provide support access to your account:

  1. Confirm the email account registered in the forum is the same one you use for SmartThings. If not, please share it with me over DM
  2. Enable support access to your account:
  1. Go to the SmartThings Web (
  2. Log in to your Samsung Account
  3. Select Menu (⋮) and choose Settings
  4. Toggle on Account Data Access
  5. Select the time period and confirm - In this step, please select “Until turned off”, once the team finishes, we’ll let you know so you can disable it again.
  1. Share the virtual device’s name

Hi, @nayelyz
After posting, I tried in various ways to solve the problem.
Fortunately, I made it by deploying smartApp in ST side, and changing node on the Samsung Automation Studio side.
Thank you for your help!