2 separate issues found lately -Hue light starts with 1% and zwave motion sensor cannot be added

Good Morning
I wanted to find out if anyone has run into these issues recently. I have had my smartthings hub setup for over 6 months. Everything was working perfectly. No issues. I had 1 motion sensor and 7 lights attached to it (Phillips Hue).

3 weeks ago, I decided to add a second motion sensor since I had also bought a Bloom bulbs. I bought the same sensor from Amazon as my previous one.
As soon as I added the new sensor, my primary sensor went bad. It will show up in the app as not reachable. I removed the sensor from my app and try to add it again. I can no longer add the primary sensor back into Smart Things. Support is usually crappy. When I sent the email to them, their standard answer is that they don’t support it, yet the model of the sensor shows up in my app as a thing to add.

The second issue that started 3 weeks ago is one of my Phillips Hue lights. It has been on a schedule for 6 months (starts at 7pm every night and turns off at 7 am every morning). For the past 3 weeks, the light is starting up with 1% illumination (meaning very low brightness). Not sure why it is doing that. If I go in my smart things app, click on the light, and turn on the illumination to 100%, it goes bright, but the app only shows 1% no matter what.

Lights - Phillips Hue
Sensor - z-wave Plus PIR Motion Sensor (added as EcoLink PIR Motion Detector with Pet Immunity).

Has anyone encountered anything like this? Or have they had other issues in past 3 weeks? I am thinking that Smart Things have done some update or tweak that has screwed things up.


Do you have these going through the Philips Hue Bridge or direct to the ST hub?

The lights are added to the Hue Bridge first before they show up in the hub. Motion sensor is not added to the hue bridge. It is added directly to hub.

Never mind, I thought you had the Hue motion sensors, but you don’t.

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