Problem with Importing SmartThings Devices into Harmony

I am trying to import devices controlled by SmartThings into Harmony. I have initiated the process from both Harmony’s app and Harmony’s desktop application. I am getting into SmartThings API for authorization, select devices I would like to include in Harmony’s import and authorize them. After that I am switched back to Harmony which tries to import devices but after a minute or so fails. Is there a known issue with importing SmartThings devices into Harmony? I have two different SmartThings hubs and two locations and both seems to have the problem.

What do you mean by “import your devices into harmony”? That’s not how harmony hub works. Here are the instructions:

The process you’ve referenced is for importing Harmony activities into SmartThings. I asked about the opposite process: importing devices controlled by SmartThings into Harmony. The process should be as following:

However, this process no longer works.

You need to make sure that the harmony, smartthings hub, and your phone are all on the same network.
I just added a couple devices (the connection was already setup) without any problem.
Is the error you are getting from the harmony app or the web browser? What is the error message?

When you do that process, does it open a Chrome window for you to sign into the IDE? If so, you may have the same problem that many of us do that you have to use an Incognito window in Chrome in order for the IDE to work correctly. The easiest thing to do is change your default browser temporarily to something else. Then try the process again.

The are all on the same network. The error is coming from Harmony app. Here are the snapshots of the errors:

I have two different hubs in two different locations and authorize only one, if it makes the difference.

When trying to authorize again (after failure) I still see my previous authorization choices in the browser.


Thank you. Let me give it a try. On the phone, however, the window is opening in Safari.

Yes. It often fails and times out. Try doing just one device. Then add them no more than 10 at a time.

I have experienced this same issue numerous of times with different clients.

I cannot import even a single device.

Incognito in Chrome and Private mode in Safari forced me to re-log in, but still, after authentication, I am not getting devices imported…

I would call support then.

Which one (ST or Harmony). Actually, I talked to both of them: ST points fingers at Harmony, Harmony has only low level support accessible, and they don’t understand the problem.

I would say Harmony since you’re trying to import from ST into Harmony and it’s Harmony that’s failing.

I agree…

Were you ever able to get smart things added to harmony? I’ve had this issue for 6+ months went round and round with Harmony support and they kept blaming ST…

About 2 years ago, this used to work, and I had all working to control my lights using remote. Suddenly, it stopped working today, and trying to rescan/readd devices. Nothing gets added back. May be it is not compatible anymore?

I posted in another thread about this issue but thought I’d post here as well. Having the exact same issue. Go through amp the steps. Harmony sees the ST hub but refuses to add any ST devices. Says they’re not compatible. Anyone have any ideas?

Hi. Does anyone have a fix for this issue yet? I’m posting this on July 8, 2019 and tried last night to add new devices: August, Smartthings and Lutron to my Harmony and all of them timed out. They all used to work, but now, nothing seems to. I’ve tried being on the same network. At some point after going to the API of each of these devices manufacturers to log in, I get an error message and have to switch OFF wifi and (I’m using my phone) and am able to log in, but when I switch back to the Harmony app, whether on Wifi or not, I can’t authenticate and get the same error/time out message. What’s the fix?

Do you have two SmartThings hubs setup in one account?

If so, apparently new devices cannot be added to either hub

Hi. I only have ONE smartthings hub. But I have TWO harmony hubs. Are the two harmony hubs on one account OK?