Unable to retrieve devices in Harmony app

For the past week I have been unable to sync SmartThings with my Harmony hubs. It stopped working a little while back, but since I have Alexa speakers now I haven’t bothered fixing it until now. Has something happened to the integration that I’m not aware of. I’ve tried searching and found nothing.

I have three hubs in my house. Is that the issue?

I am able to log into the IDE webpage and select the devices I want to give permission to. However when it goes back to the Harmony app it just times out with an error while trying to retrieve them.

Having the same problem - it was working until the last week or two. Smartthings devices that were previously working and controllable from my Harmony remote are no longer functioning. I removed the devices and tried to re-add to Harmony and now it isn’t finding the Smartthings devices I authorized. :frowning: