Problem while setting coolingSetpointRange in "thermostatCoolingSetpoint"

I am facing a problem while setting the coolingSetpointRange in “thermostatCoolingSetpoint”. I couldn’t find anything about this in documentations. Anyone kindly guide me how can I add range property in coolingSetpoint.

Are you trying to set the range within a device’s tile so the user can’t go beyond the boundaries you’ve set?

I’ve found that documentation isn’t a great source for things like that. Instead, look at code that already exists for examples of what you’re trying to do.

Here’s an example from my code for what you’re trying to do. Do a search in the code for “coolingSetpointRange”:

It doesn’t work currently, the new app is broken and doesn’t respect the attributes

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I just tried on one of my thermostats using my code above, and it wouldn’t let me go above or below range limits for either the cooling or heating set point. I did just get upgraded to the newest Android ST app.

Seems to be broken on the new iOS app

Oh, ok. I don’t have an iOS device handy anymore at home to test with, but your experience doesn’t surprise me…

What version of the Android app are you using, it’s broken here on the new Android app too, it won’t let me exceed 32 C for heating.

Hi @RBoy, I’m on 1.7.45-28. My units are in F if that matters.

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Hi, i am beginner in this… and using this ST…
“component”: “main”,
“capability”: “st.thermostatCoolingSetpoint”,
“attribute”: “coolingSetpoint”,
“value”: 75,
“unit”: “F”
“component”: “main”,
“capability”: “st.thermostatSetpoint”,
“attribute”: “coolingSetpoint”,
“value”: [48, 88]

would you please guide where i am doing the things wrong…?
When i remove the second object it works perfectly fine.

I’m not familiar with the code format you’re using.

That is through the new Rest API.

For a new network connected device the Rest API should be used. When using a direct connected device and a groovy DH the limits can be coded in the groovy code and using the attribute too. But the coded method works well.

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Yup, I’ve not developed with that yet. I looked for documentation as well, but I couldn’t find nothing that would have been helpful.

Does your device support a coolingSetpointRange?

What is returned when you getDeviceStatus?


Let me discuss complete scenario… My devices control the air conditioners… and i want to control the device by smartthings app.
I use the module of thermostat cooling setpoint to increase or decrease the temperature of my AC, which works fine… After this the problem comes when I increase the temperature beyond the limits of AC supported values… on app i couldn’t get control to apply range for temperature as i want to put limits on temperature increase or decrease as per AC supported values.

The range is set by the DTH and not the app. What you’re trying to do requires support from the DTH and the ST mobile app. If your DTH is reporting it but the app isn’t responding to it (like I’ve noticed above) then it’s an issue with the ST mobile app and I would recommend reporting it to ST support so they investigate it (along with your ST app build number and DTH details).