Setting heating point above 32°C?

Hey, I’m unable to set heat point above 32c degrees in the new application, I’ve always been able to before.

Anyone know of a workaround except calibrating the temp sensor?

How do you control a pool Heater or boiler without the option to set it above 32?

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What’s the device?

Hi! Thank you for your reply,
It’s nothing fancy just a virtual thermostat so it’s a temp sensor and wallplug linked to it.

I’ve used it the same way for months and just last week I’m unable to set temperature above 32c.

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Do you know which DTH you used? It sounds like it might need to be updated.

I’m unsure how to update a DTH but I’m sure I used this one

According to the code further down it seems I should be able to set a temperature above 32c. But I’m far from a coder so I might be mistaken as I cant clearly tell.

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Able to change temperature above 32 in old application but not the new one? This is odd.

It must be the UX plugin for the thermostat setpoint for Celsius values. You cannot set neither a value with .5 ending.

You can create a custom capability for it, but it is a bit complicated.

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@Steffen_Nissen, are you planning to create a custom capability for your virtual thermostat to support values above 32 C in the new app?

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Custom capabilities is something fairly new. I haven’t looked at them a lot and I’m not planning anything with them right now.

Right now, this device works well in the old app and as it implements the thermostat capability it works to a limited degree from the new app and through voice assistants etc. However, the way this device works from the new app today is not ideal, so I think some kind of custom capabilities is the way to go there, but I honestly don’t know enough about this right now to properly assess how to make it work best, so that it both works in old app, new app and voice assistants. So right now I’m not planning on doing something there, but I may do something in the future.

If someone want to take this up, I’ll be happy to discuss options.


Yes it’s a known bug with the new ST app. Send an email to and ask them to allow you to pick a higher setpoint or better yet as per the new SDK the ST app should take the values from the setpointRanges defined by the DTH’s.