Temperature Setpoints?

I am having an issue with temperature set points, I was trying to get my “Home” automation that triggers when I arrive home to set the thermostat to 70 during heating and 72 during cooling, however we have the heat on now and it kept going to 65. The only way to get it to work was set the cooling to 76 which will be much too warm when we are in cooling mode. Does anyone know why it does this and if there is a fix?

what thermostat are you using?

is it on a pre-defined schedule?

can you disable the schedule?

are there any other rules you have overlapping?

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I read recently that the heat and cooling set points need to be at least 3 degrees apart or either the thermostat or SmartThings will force it to be that minimum difference. It may not apply to your thermostat or issue, but it’s worth a test.

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That’s correct, it depends on what you’re changing (heat or cool) and ST will set the other one 3 degrees apart from that one. What you change first, heat or cool matter because direction and starting point matter to the device handler.

Thanks @RBoy. I knew I’d read it somewhere recently - and now I remember it was you,

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