‘Heating Temperature Setting’ problem in ST Scenes

Good Day,

I have been using ST for almost a year without much problem. The main use is to control my set of Sinope Smart Thermostat. Now, something happened with the ST Apps (new), as I no longer can set the temperature between 10 and 19 degrees Celsius in Scenes configuration. The application shows me The following error message as soon as I try to put an integer starting with 1 in the ‘Heating temperature’ field:

‘Enter number between 2 and 35’ .

So this is quite annoying as I can set up the thermostat anyway between 2 and 9, and 20 and 35…

Fortunately, I have found a crafty workaround. If I put the desire temperature (18 in this scenario) in the clipboard, I can past it in the field without the error, and the configuration is accepted…

Any idea what is going on? It does seems code related, but I am not an expert.


You may see my configuration attempt in the video below. You will see in the field configuration trying to put ‘1’ multiple time without success… but ending with a successful copy paste:


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Nope, but this is typical for ST. Things that once worked are now broken, things that were broken are worse, and new features get released before fixing broken stuff.

Nice workaround. Too bad you had to do that.


Hum. Thanks for the answer John; I appreciate the feedback although it is a bit worry some to read… That is a pretty basic functionality.

WEll, I’ll see if there is ways to open a support case with them… first time trying.


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@Brad_ST, could you please have a look at the OP and log this as a bug? Thanks!

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The range values that it will accept are 2-35. The limits are listed right above the entry point.

So, why do you think it should take a 1?

I submitted this bug to support last week. You should do the same.


For 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, and 19?

@johnconstantelo @Ryan780

Ryan, John nailed it. I get that in Fahrenheit it does not matter, but I am using Celsius here and 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19 are really helpful .

I could also flip to Fahrenheit but then I would feel less Canadian. :slight_smile:


I will definitely do this; thanks for suggesting.

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In order to enter 17, he has to first enter the 1.

Pretty simple if you stop and think a second.


That exactly right … as soon as you type 1, the error appears and refuse the entry … but allows 17 as a whole if you copy past it . You just can’t enter it manually


As Jimmy noted, he found this last week and the issue was escalated to the mobile devs. Also as Jimmy notes, users can report bugs such as this to support.

Okay…I understand what you’re talking about now.

As a workaround, you can just enter the 2nd number, ie the 7 of 17 and then back to add the 1. I mean, yeah, fix it, but there are a bunch of ways to get around it that are easier than copy/paste.

Well Ryan… it does absolutely work! Still a bit annoying so hopefully they will fix this but much less than copy/pasting my life away.

Thank you!

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@Brad_ST, I haven’t seen @prjct92eh2’s post when I asked you, but then sorry for bothering. (I have an Android, not an iPhone user, but indeed checked the Android version how that part is working, just to confirm the Android version hasn’t changed.)
Anyhow, we all know how these bug reports goes through the support emails…

  1. Try to reboot the phone
  2. Try to clear the cache
  3. Try to re-install the app
  4. Reset the Hub…
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I understand that frustration, especially for power or longtime users. Customer support contacts are still important data points for assessing the severity and scale of an issue. They can also decrease the amount of time it takes to fix an issue.


Every little bit helps, right? I can’t fix it but if I can help make it less painful, that’s better than nothing. Sorry I wasn’t following you earlier…must have needed another coffee. :wink:


@Brad_ST, I understand you, fully. Unfortunately that wasn’t/isn’t the case in the UK sector. And you know that.

If you wouldn’t jump in, at that time, we would have waited a week for support to reply.

It is more the level of trust what we give you and your input, than a copy and paste answer from support. We all know that your competence and understanding of any of these issues is more reliable than a common answer from support, ie.: we cannot help you, because you are using a custom DH…

Thanks for the help again!

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