Thermostat Scene restricts setpoints from 0-40. I want 76 for my cooling setpoint

I’m trying to set up a scene to change the heating and cooling setpoints which I will then automate to run at night. For some reason, the thermostat scene restricts my input to 0-40, which I presume is Celsius. My thermostat reads Fahrenheit. If I put in 24 (approx 76 Fahrenheit), my thermostat actually sets to 24 degrees. How do I get the scene to accept Fahrenheit?

Check your location temperature units in the new ST app. Manage Location -> Units -> Fahrenheit and then possibly log out of your app and log back in.

There is no Units in my Manage Location menu page of the new ST app. Only Location Name, Geolocation, Mode, Linked Places, Wallpaper, and Remove Location. Here are screenshots:

It looks like a bug in the new ST app. Report it to so they can fix it. Tagging @erickv

Meanwhile use the Classic app to change the temperature units from the Manage Location page.

Wasn’t the Classic app was shut down?

Still in “grace” period of now:

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