Problem seeing Hub on EU01 Shard vs NA01 (graph.api) shard; GitHub integration?

I hope someone can help me.
If I log on to my account - My hubs - I get a message about claiming hub. In.My smart apps I can see enable GitHub integration. I then go to - My locations -Home and click on home and can see hub and other devices. I then go back to my smart apps and now can’t see enable GitHub. If I use this link I can see enable GitHub integration but cant see hub. if I use I cant see hub unless I complete steps I said before.
I’m in the UK
and very confused

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Start by always logging into:

Then read and “like” this FAQ:

In short…

If you are in the UK :uk: your hub is very unlikely to be on the NA01 Shard.
You “can” develop SmartApp on the NA01 Shard, but you won’t be able to deploy them even for personal use.

You should do all your work on the EU01 shard.

thanks for prompt response. I did see this but I cant do anything on the EU01 because although the hub is there when I go to enable GitHub integration that option isn’t there. its only on the NA01

What have I done wrong

Welcome to the ‘Not in America club’! I don’t think you can connect to GitHub outside the US, at least I have never been able to. You’ll have to do all your custom apps by cut’n’paste…

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That’s a bit annoying but on the upside its nice to be a member of such an exclusive club
Thanks for the help much appreciated

just found this link on a post about UK GitHub working
This seems to have sorted me out


While I hope you get GitHub working; you can do “plenty of stuff” in the IDE without GitHub. GitHub integration is a bonus, of course; but its usefulness varies depending on exactly what SmartApps you’re frequently pulling updates for.

Thanks and again much appreciated

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I had a similar issue where my hub somehow got registered to the US shard and I didn’t know how to get it off.

The following worked for me:

Made sure I was logged into the EU shard by using URL
From there added a NEW location and saved it.
Went into that location, checking the URL in the browser, to make sure it was on the EU shard.
Edited that location to change it to the default.
Went into the other location (which was in the US shard) and deleted it. (you could do this because it was no longer the default location).
Reset the hub to factory settings.
Went into the phone app and edited the location to be my home location (in the UK).
Added the hub again.

Voila - hub and location on the same shard - IN THE EU…

Did you feel any advantage in terms of speed? I have exactly the same problem, but i already have 30+ devices :///