No notifications or sporadic notifications- Android

I have been having great issues with getting notifications on my OnePlusOne Android phone. I know that they are triggering because when you pull up the events viewer panel in the Smartthings app they are appearing there in the correct order and with the correct timestamps. But rarely if ever do they show up in my notifications tray, or if they do they stumble in several minutes after the event all jumbled up together. It has become so bad and unreliable that I I never know if my garage door is closed or open or if there are any open door alerts to be aware of in the night etc.
Known fixes?

Did you block Smartthings in the privacy settings? or turn on privacy by default?

I have a oneplus one and you need to allow smartthings to have access to a bunch of things to allow it to work.

I have notifications working, but every once in awhile google services will stop responding (not an ST issue) and needs to restart, or restart ST app to keep it working.

What OS version are you running on oneplus one? Is it stock 44S or are you running a CM12 nightly or custom rom?

Hi, thanks for the prompt response! I do have the permissions set accurately. I do receive sporadic notifications and they seem to happen at random times. Like this afternoon i could stand at my front door and open and close it and see the actions in the Smartthings app activity feed but only got 1 or 2 notifications in my notifications drawer. Sometimes I get none at all, sometimes I get a few, and sometimes I get them all at once 15-20 minutes after the actions happened. Running stock OnePlusOne and no nightlies.

Great looking and spec’d phone … hope you have no trouble resolving the notification problems!

Open a ticket with support. I don’t think its the phone but limits in the push service they use.

I had the same problem with my OnePlus, but the issue was with all notifications, not just SmartThings. The missing notifications would show up after a reboot. I recently switched to a Nexus 6 and those problems are gone…

I’m having that problem with my Nexus 6 now. All my notifications are open none blocked. I even have it overriding my private settings