No Push Notification on OnePlus2

Hey Guys,

Tried ST support with no solution as of yet. They are stumped.

I use a OnePlus2 running android lollipop and whatever I do I cannot get push notification from SmartThings App. Notifications are enables in the app permissions, i tried uninstalling and reinstalling, relogged and the only thing left to do is a complete wipe (which I only want to do as a last resort). Anyone experience a problem like this? I have push notifications working from all my other apps, including one’s i’ve made myself and I cannot for the life of me find any error’s being thrown on my end.


EDIT: A hard reset did nothing.

EDIT 2: So it looks like it was a problem with the version of lollipop that the one plus 2 was using. I changed it to a beta version of marshmellow (had to fix a few stability issues my self) and now I receive notifications.