Problem controling my Lift Master 8500

So my garage is equipped with a Lift master 8500 side mounted motor that uses a 3 button wall mount controller

I recently got the Iris Z-Wave Garage Door Controller sold at Lowes in hopes to control my Door. What I found is if I use the Iris controller by itself then it will open and close the door, however if I wire it to also be connected with the 3 button wall mount it does nothing.

After much research I’ve found that apparently my door is compatible with the MyQ opener and gateway. Does the MyQ work with Smartthings and if not is there a way/hack that I could do to make it work

While that thread I linked has a ton of methods, what I did was solder the leads from the Iris box right to the switch solder points on the board in the wall switch. Essentially, simulating a button press. You have to determine which 2 solder points to use, as my switch (as an example) had 4 contact points soldered to the board.