Problem adding new Hue Lightstrip

(Matt) #1

So I’ve added new Hue bulbs to SmartThings without any problems before. Just go to “Add a Thing” and it searches and finds it. I just bought two new Hue Lightstrips and put them on the back of my TV last night. Got them all working and synced even to Kodi Ambilight add-on. I went to add them to SmartThings so that I could create a CoRE piston to turn them on/off when my Harmony Hub turns on Kodi. SmartThings just searched and never found anything. I restarted both the ST hub and Hue hub with no success. I went into the IDE and couldn’t find the lightstrips either. Finally, I decided to go ahead and delete my Hue Hub from ST and re-add. I deleted on the app on my phone and it said success, but then actually didn’t delete. Same happened when i deleted from the IDE. So it seems like SmartThings isn’t communicating with my Hue Hub…HOWEVER, i have a Z-Wave motion sensor linked to 3 Hue bulbs that still function after i tried to delete the Hue Hub in ST. So I know there is communication between the two.

Does anyone have any advice on this? I sent an email to ST support and am waiting to hear back. I checked the Hue Hub IP address and verified its what is listed in the ST IDE, so that shouldn’t be an issue.