Hue Light strip not being found by SmartThings


I have a Hue Hub and multiple bulbs and another light strip all connected to the SmartThings hub. I recently purchased a new light strip and installed it.

The Hue Hub found it and it has been added to a room in the Hue Hub, shown here as the Firplace light.

But I tried numerous times to add the light strip to SmartThings and it just isn’t found, since there isn’t an option for adding the Hue Lightstrip manually (see screenshot below)

I have tried every type of Hue light under light bulbs under add a device in SmartThings and no luck. I honestly don’t remember how I added the first light strip.

Can someone help me get this added and to understand why this light strip is not being found. Also if i need to add one in the future what light bulb option should I pick?


Bump…any help please?

It should install automatically through ST’s LAN CONNECT. Possible you only need to click on Add a Device to Rename/Save it. But if by chance you have added a Hue smartapp, you would need to open them to discover your light strip.

and there are some folks who just can not get their hue devices to connect in a timely fashion

Thanks for the reply!

The first one i added - got discovered and I renamed and added it just like you described (I think) - that was about 1.5 years ago. the second one i recently bought does not get discovered by ST at all.

Any idea how the people who had this issue solved it? Is there another thread here on the same or similar topic? I have searched and could not find one. I would be very grateful if someone could point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance.

It finally installed using the classic app.

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I am having the exact same issue. The first light strip was discovered without any issue. I cannot get the 2nd one to discover.

I am having similar issue. I had light strip working then wr had power outage and now it isn’t found. I cant get it added or reconnected.

Any advice?

More details needed. Is the light strip connected to a hue bridge or directly to the ST hub? Which app are you using? Which hub do you have?

I can’t remember how I got it connected…but I don’t have a physical Hue Hub.
I had it working for 6 months perfectly find. I had a motion sensor which turned the Philips Light strip on and went off about couple minutes.
Then we had a power outage…and SmartThings doesn’t seem to control it anymore. When I plug it in it is just on all the time…and trying to re-add it to SmartThings does not work.
Granted… I feel I am stuck between the new SmartThings and the old SmartThings apps…and the new Samsung login. I understand trying to consolidate…but feel they are standing between two boats.
That may not have anything to do with my issue… but I feel like there are too many moving parts…and I don’t know how to troubleshoot getting the light strip working again.

I love SmartThings when it works…but when it does not… I feel frustrated. I know this device is maybe not 100% supported…but it did work…and not sure how to really tell what is up.

The one great thing about SmartThings is there does seem to be many passionate people and others that really do take the time to try to help. That is very much appreciated.

I had the LightStrip since the beginning of 2019 and have had no issues until recently. It has dropped connectivity 2 times and both are related to power outage.

Last time I took it all down and moved closer to me SmartThings hub. Eventually I did something that worked. I’ve never had this on the Hue Hub.

Does anyone have an advice on what to do?

Did you ever get your light strip issue resolved. Your situation sounds exactly the same as mine.

I did get it working again, but cant remember how.

I tried resetting it, changing controller in IDE, etc. It was a pain.
I will try to look back and see if can find any more info, but off top of head cant recall solution.


The Hue light strip (total 30 feet) n my kitchen has been working for over a year. We have had several power outages since the installation. They are still working. I did have an issue with the first set a month after I attached them. My memory fails me as to what was wrong. Philips had me take photos of the label on the power supply. Seems there is a second design they sent at no charge. Perhaps your power supply failed due to a surge when the power came on?

From what I read, these have a 2 year warranty as long as you purchased them from an authorized Philips retailer (not eBay). You will need a receipt.

I did get it to work. It had obviously lost connectivity as it would come on at full brightness and I had no control with SmartThings.

I had to bring my hub within inches of it for it to get recognized for add. Lugging the hub downstairs and putting it on a 20ft network cable is not ideal, but the drop doesn’t happen that often.

Thanks for the follow up.