Problem adding my Mysa thermostat

Hello all,

I am rather new to Smartthings. I recently acquired a Hub V3 and I installed the Smartthings app on my Android phone. From there I was able to successfully connect the app to several different devices in my home.

However, I am experiencing a problem with one of them: a newly acquired Mysa thermostat (the app is currently making a Mysa connector available under the “Other” category). The first time I tried to add the Mysa thermostat, the connection succeeded. However, after I few days, it looked as if the thermostat was not responding to the Smartthings app (though it was working fine with the native Mysa app). So, I decided to try removing the thermostat from my Smartthings devices and to reconnect it afterwards, in the hope that this would fix the problem. Unfortunately, after the Mysa had been removed, I was unable to add it back. I tried several times but I keep getting the same error message (“check your network connection”) at the same point in the Add process, namely right after I authorize the app to acess my devices, programs and profiles.

I tried a procedure I found on the Web: uninstall the Smarthings app, do a cold restart on the thermostat (power down with the circuit breaker for a while then on again), reinstall the app and try adding the device again. No success with that. Still the same error message in the same place.

Note that the Mysa app is working fine. Thus the problem must be within the Smartthings domain.

Your suggestions would be most welcome. Many thanks in advance.

Did you remove the device or remove the integration?

To remove the integration, go to menu > settings > linked services and left swipe on tHe intEgration. Removing the integration removes all the devices as well.

THen add the device back.

Haha and yes, my keypad inserts capital letters for H and E a lot :wink:

Also, if it disconnects again… try going to linked services as noted above and open the integration and click Done. That should restore the integration without the need for removing the integration or device.

@jkp You are right: problem solved. Many thanks!