Mysa Learning Thermostats for baseboard heaters

Hi Everyone!

My Team and I have been working on a learning thermostat for electric baseboard heaters called Mysa.

Mysa optimises itself for comfort or energy efficiency and will work with SmartThings and other home automation devices. Even though we are still in development, we are collecting pre-orders for the product and looking for feedback.

We can have a discussion here, or you can reach out to us through our site.

Thanks for listening!

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Looks I am set to receive my mysa in the next few weeks.

Are there currently any official or unofficial ways to integrate with SmartThings? Not terribly concerned if there isn’t yet since Alexa and Homekit connectivity should be enough to tide me over.

Another question. I use baseboard heat in two rooms. Guest bedroom on main level and sunroom on 2nd level. The rooms are right above/below each other. Is there an effective way to manage both without buying another mysa? Perhaps with a remote sensor for one room?

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How do you like your Mysa? I just got mine hooked up to Alexa and Google home, but I’d really like to get it working with Smartthings. Did you find a way to do that?

The Mysa folks pointed me to their release roadmap:

It looks like Mysa Smartthings integration should be here June 2018. Interestingly, they’ve got IFTTT on the map for May 2018, so you could integrate that way. It looks like that roadmap hasn’t been updated in a few months though - so not sure how accurate it is.

Ugh. They phoned it in for the IFTTT implementation. They only created ‘actions’ and no ‘triggers’, so you can’t kick off other actions based on the temp. Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, I suppose.

Ugh looks like the issue is held up by Smartthings… They said that they had finished the work a while ago but posted on their blog:

“Just recently, we learned that Samsung has chosen to change their platform for SmartThings. Therefore, for the last 6 months, they have not been certifying new products due to this change.”

Wonder if this is true…

I believe it. The smarthings migration tool from the v1 hub to v2 was promised years ago, and never came around. It wouldn’t surprise me if the v3 hub launch delays loads of integrations.

I can speak on this as the developer that worked on our integration for SmartThings.

Device certification isn’t yet available for their current API. As you can see in the certification documentation, as of this writing, it’s coming soon. From my communication with support this past summer, I was told it would launch in November alongside their development conference.

Hope to get it out to you guys real soon!

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Why not just release it as a community DTH?

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I was an early adopter for Mysa as I was also duped by their “roadmap” to integrate with SmartThings and have now found myself strung along for months with no implementation date in sight. I have no way of triggering the Mysa thermostat with input from my ST devices and have to manually (via voice) set the thermostat before going to bed every, single night… the only device in my system that requires intervention because it is not controllable via ST and because there is no IDE driver or support available…even though this could easily be developed and shared by the folks at Mysa. I have now given up on Mysa and instead of buying more Mysa units as originally planned, I’m spending my holidays incorporating addressable 220v zwave on/off switches leveraging the thermostat functions in my various motion detectors, that I can control via ST into my baseboards. I really wanted Mysa, my fellow Canadians to make it… but have decided to jump ship.

I feel your frustration. (I’ve been using the mysa app scheduling though - so it’s only been a minor inconvenience for me.)
On the upside, 2 days ago the mysa support people mentioned it should be before the end of 2018.

So… By midnight? :lying_face:

I still don’t understand why Mysa isn’t prioritizing a Direct API for the Mysa’s. There is always gonna be something someone wants (SmartThings,, HomeAssistant, OpenHAB, insert_new_future_software_here). We can’t rely on Mysa to create customized private API’s for every device.

They should just make a good Direct API people can use, and then the community can add official/unofficial support to any of the software they wanna use.

I’m looking forward to the day where I can have my Mysa’s Automation interact with my Home Automation Rules…

I cancelled my order before it shipped from Amazon, thankfully. Instead, I ordered the Sinope thermostat (also Canadian FWIW) and have been really happy with it. It uses ZigBee so it’s a direct integration with ST and has a DTH from their website. The UI is a bit more traditional but honestly, it looks great on the wall. Plus, they are releasing a radiant floor model in January 2019.

The issue here is that Mysa is doing what a lot of startups seem addicted to doing: try to create something that will work on its own and then create a bunch of integrations they control. Unfortunately, creating those integrations and dealing with all that pulls at the same engineering resources as product development in a small company. And of course new features always win because that means new units shipped and/or impresses investors when you’re bucking for an acquisition.

I have another IR and RF-controlling device that has the same never ending “it’s coming” message around ST integration and other things and if they only had integrated ZigBee or Z-Wave it would all be a non-issue. And of course if that other company or Mysa go belly up, since they have chosen to be cloud-based only, you are as they say, S.O.L. If they had both WiFi and ZigBee/Z-Wave (such as Halo fire alarms do, which did go belly up this summer) the devices still work minus the phone app since ST has control.

I too really wanted to like this based on the marketing, but I think you also made the right choice.

Mysa Smart Thermostats have finally launched their SmartThings integration! Check it out!

Sincerely appreciate customers patience who purchased Mysa knowing it was on our roadmap for some time now.

Let the SmartThings automations begin!

Is this compatible with the classic Smartthings app, or only the new version? In the classic app, I don’t see Mysa under the section “Other” or “Smartthings Labs”?

+1. How do we access this is the classic Smartthings app? Is there a device handler we could use for that?

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Just reached out to Mysa support and this was their response in regards to getting Mysa to work with the SmartThings Classic app.

No information on how to get it set up there because as of right now the integration is only with the new app. I am so sorry about that! I’m not certain if the software team is planning on making it work with the classic app, but maybe they will!

So perhaps if we bombard their support with request to integrate Mysa into the SmartThings Class app, they’ll make it happen?

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I recently figured out that when you setup Mysa with the new smartthings app, the Mysa thermostats also appear in the classic app. I had a bug where the new app created a second location, so my mysa connection wasn’t working properly with the classic app. I had to delete all locations and start over to fix it. In the classic app, you can’t set the temp, but you can see the temperature and humidity of each thermostat.

Really disappointed. The support team told me that there was no plan for integration with the classic app.

  • Can not use it with ActionTiles
  • Not possible to use smartapps (no proper dth)

Integration with smartthings seems to me useless. Unless I’m wrong. The only value is to change the temperature in the new smartthings app instead of the Mysa app.

I have 2 mysa and I will move them somewhere else :frowning:

Does anyone know a better option (thermostat for baseboard heaters)? I would like to use a smartapp that allows me to use a remote sensor.