MYSA Smart Thermostat not showing up in app

Trying to add my MYSA thermostat to Smartthings and it tells me I sucessfully connected MYSA to SmartThings but it doesn’t seem to show up anywhere in the app. It does list MYSA under connected services but I can’t find the device anywhere on the app. Any advice on how to fix this situation?

I believe it is the same issue I am experiencing with some of the new integrations in the new app. For me, it is meross and Kasa. If you have the classic app installed, check to see if the device shows there. Definitely report the issue to ST and MYSA support. ST support is investigating.

I’m not using the classic app but I did seem to have an issue with Kasa yesterday. I tried to add a Kasa switch and it took almost 24 hours for the device to show up in the APP. Its been a few days for MYSA and still nothing.

report it to ST support and MYSA

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