Prime Day Competitor Deals

There will be plenty of competitor deals to counter Amazon Prime Day this year. Walmart, EBay and Target are a few that will have some sales over the next week. So stayed tuned to this thread for deals.


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IDevices don’t integrate directly with SmartThings, but they have a good IFTTT channel which can work well for their pocket sockets and in wall outlets. :sunglasses:

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Google & Google Nest deals

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Glad to see– for the first time- a category for competitors to prime day. It is warranted. As competitors realize the power of Amazon

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Yep. Some stores are calling this “Black Friday in July,“ some have other names for it, but expect lots of big sales on Monday and Tuesday both online and some brick-and-mortar stores.

Target is just calling theirs “deal days.” :wink:

Target says theirs will be online only:

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Multiple blogs that cover Apple products say they expect to see discounts on many different Apple products at many different retailers Monday and Tuesday, so shop around. I’m seeing some early discounts on both Apple watches and iPads already showing up.

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Also just a reminder:

Geeni WiFi devices are not compatible with SmartThings.

Many TP Link Kasa WiFi Devices will now work out of the box with SmartThings.

The WeMo Integration appears to have broken recently.

I am seeing all three of these brands coming up as featured deals at multiple retailers, so if you want inexpensive Wi-Fi devices which work easily with SmartThings, TP Link Kasa is probably your best bet among the low cost brands.

(The Amazon WiFi Outlet does not work directly with SmartThings. )

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I have tp link around from before I got my ST hub, and I would NOT recommend pulling the trigger on them if you do any real automation. They don’t report state changes. Unless your hub turns the device on or off, it won’t know what’s up enough to relay on any kind of timer based automation - for example turning off a switch after its been on so long.


Google Nest devices also on sale at Walmart

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Have you tried one with the new official integration? My guess is that if you are using the Official integration, these are being monitored by super LAN connect, but I don’t know that for sure.

Correct. Mine works perfectly with the new integration and the new app. I can turn it on and off with the Kasa app, Alexa, or at the plug itself and ST reports it correctly.


We’re getting pretty off-topic for this particular thread. But I’m very interested in this information, and it may depend on which DTH you are using. So I am starting a new thread where we can discuss this further.

TP Link Kasa Devices with new official integration (July 2019)

Roku deals

Walmart started their “big save” sale today instead of tomorrow, but I’m not seeing anything good except the same stuff they had on sale for July 4: Apple products and smart televisions and the same nest deals that everybody else has. Oh, except they’ve added the Roku deals.

And check prices carefully: their “big save” LIFX prices, for example, are higher than most other places. :disappointed_relieved:

Target - two google home for $99

Google home hub $59