Presence sensors and automations

I feel like Smartthings, and the presence sensors in particular, are an abandoned product now…

I’ve migrated everything over to the new app on iOS. I’m the only user, but my gf and I both have presence sensors on our keys.

I have 2 automations, 1 turns a bunch of stuff off when both aren’t present, and another that does the reverse if either are present.

The first one works fine, everything turns off when we both leave the house. However when either of us comes home, nothing happens.

In addition, when setting up new routines, I don’t have the same options as before; my old routines were using “Member location” and the presence sensor, but when I try and set up a new one, the only option in “Member Location” is to use my phone (so I use “Device Status” instead). If I try and edit one of this older routines that is triggered by my gf presence sensor they are blank in the “Who?” section and the only option is my own phone.

I’m not a technical person, so I’m really confused what I’m not doing right.

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