Changed Phone from iPhone 6 to Android (Eseential) - problem to recreate Mobile Presence

I started SmartThings on my iPhone 6 and recently bought a new phone – Essential (Android 7.1.1). I removed my iPhone from SmartThings app (confirmed in IDE) and wanted to add Essential as a Mobile Presence sensor under the same Samsung account, I got “Can Not Create Mobile Presence Device” error.

I tried logout and login. I tried to uninstall the mobile app and reinstall. I tried to add iPhone back successfully. But it just wouldn’t add my Android phone as a Mobile Presence sensor. Anything else I should try? Thanks.

Make sure you have proper permissions given to the ST app. For presence sensing, you’ll need to make sure it has location granted. Also, make sure location settings are turned on for the phone in Settings.

Thought I checked the location service. Since you mentioned it, I just went through it again and clicked “save” after confirming. Guess what? I added my phone successfully! Woohoo! Thanks for the quick response.

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