Presence sensor issues

Hello all,

I’ve been a Smartthings user for many years now, and have always loved it. However, ever since they took away the classic app and forced the new app, I’ve had issues with presence sensing. I’ve gone through all the regular troubleshooting (ensuring no battery management for the app, clearing cache deleting and reinstalling, location permission set to always, rebuilding all my automations, etc). I have an open ticket with smartthings for my issue, but haven’t received a reply in some time.

My issue is that when I’m arriving home, smartthings will recognize my phone and my automations run and all seems good. However, it will immediately think I’ve left again and won’t recognize that I’m home for anywhere from a few minutes later, to many hours later. Nothing like getting home and then some random point in the middle of the night my garage door opens and my front door unlocks because smartthings finally realized I was home (again).

This brings me to my question. Is there any reliable presence sensing out there? I looked briefly into webcore and it seems like it relies on smartthings for presence detection? This won’t do at all since that’s obviously the part that isn’t working for me. Another thread I read says that webcore had it’s own presence detection app, but that was only ever in beta and doesn’t work with the newest Android phones.

I really want to love smartthings, but I just can’t believe there are so many problems with presence. This is really at the core of all of my automations, so I need it working reliably. It used to work flawlessly with the classic app. Disappointed.

Try out Life 360 connect

Looked briefly at Life360, but not really interested in paying for something with a monthly subscription just to get presence that used to work just fine.

Its a free service with 2 loacation. If you want to use more locations it’s pay. So if you just want home presence to work it’s totally free.

Oh ok I didn’t realize they had a free version. I’ll look into that, although the last few posts in the thread you shared had problems that sounded rather familiar lol. Thanks!

I noticed that myself, however I’ve been using it for some time now and it’s been rock solid (for me at least)

Right on thanks man I’ll give it a go

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