Help with mobile presence detection

I understand that presence detection through SmartThings mobile is pretty bad. But I just happened to notice how bad it really is. I’ve recently setup a couple automations that trigger on presence change and they almost never work. I’m looking at my and my wife’s location history in the smart app and we both leave between 7 and 8 every morning and return between 5 and 5:30 every evening.

My presence is currently showing as “Departed 10/31 at 2:32pm”. (today is 11/2). I show nothing else until Sunday the 29th.

My wife’s presence is showing as “Departed 11/1 at 7:42am”, which she did depart then, but she also came home yesterday and left again this morning. Her presence is a little more accurate, her departure on the 31st is correct, but her arrival is delayed by 3 hours. It says she arrived at the right time on the 30th, but shows that she departed the previous day.

I’ve got location settings on “Hi accuracy” and my location history in Google Maps is spot on. I’m not sure about my wife’s phone. One thing probably worth noting… I do have two phones, an Android for my personal use and an iPhone for my work use. Both have SmartThings installed and I typically carry both with me. Is it possible that in my case, the two phones are confusing each other? I dunno, just a thought.

From what I’ve read, Life 360 provides a much better and I know I could get better results using it, but I’d just as well prefer not to install another tracking app on my phone. The automations I use aren’t critical, if they don’t work, no big deal. But I am just thrown off at how poorly they do work… really makes me wonder if there is something wrong on my end that I could fix to make it better.

See this thread if that can help you

As long as only one of your 2 phones is used as a mobile presence sensor, you can safely use the same login credentials on both.

Your wife’s phone should be using an account specifically for her. You have to send her an invitation from your account on your phone so that her account basically becomes a sub-account to yours. Then she can use her phone as a mobile presence sensor.