Presence Sensor Problems?

Is anyone else having numerous problems with the ‘presence sensing’ part of Smartthings?

I have tried our smartphones, Life 360 and even bought a Presence Sensor. All seem to work the first day and will somehow just stop working. All our smartphones works for about a day or two, now my mom’s Android phone will stay as “Present” even though she is 20 miles away. Similar things have happened to mine and my daughter’s iPhone (BTW, we are all logged into SmartThings using different accounts). I installed Life 360 last week and installed the SmartApp two days ago. It worked fine the first day, now it says I am home when I am literally more than 50 miles away at work. Even when the Life 360 app is accurately returning the correct information as well. I bought one Presence Sensor tag. It worked for about 3 days, then it stopped working for 2 days. I opened it and reset it, same thing. I removed it from SmartThings and linked it again, then it started working again. The hub is located literally in the middle of the house on the second floor and I have rebooted it several times the past week just to be sure. All these automation things become unattractive if the system can’t even tell accurately if one is home or not to run the SmartApps. I appreciate any feedback as I am seriously thinking of returning the hub and all the devices I bought the past weeks. Thank you!

I had issues with our S6’s until we disabled app optimisation for the ST app.
With an android by default it gives battery optimisation and will shut down unused apps. This means it will stop the ST app, Life360 or any other app for that matter and they will not do anything until you open them up again.
Not saying this is your issue but it sorted out my issues.

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