Presence Sensor iPhone Failure in

I recently purchased a new home and decided to rebuild my entire Smartthings ecosystem. I’m running the latest Aeotec Hub (45.00009) with three iPhones running iOS 16 and all on I have the main account with 2 guest accounts. I have confirmed location sharing is on for all devices and the radius and address are the same.

For some reason, the presence sensor for the two member accounts is not working. It only detects if the account owner is present. I went into the IDE and under the device list we are all set as a placeholder, but my phone is the only one showing events - even though every event checks for the presence of all devices.

  1. Is there something else I need to do in order for all devices to be recognized in events
  2. Is there a way to know if the network recognizes the presence of other devices for testing?

Any topic I’ve seen on this is 1+ years old so I get the sense they don’t apply here.

Thanks for your help!

On each device in the ST app, select Menu from the bottom navigation bar; choose “get your location from this phone”. You can turn on/off for that device, and should see all other devices associated with the member account which are sharing their location.

I have confirmed location sharing is on for all devices and the radius and address are the same.

Mentioned this above. This is on for all devices.

Sorry, missed that. Do they all show in that list for the main account?

Yes, in the main account under manage location I see all three accounts under members. Is that what you’re referring to?

I meant this list of devices; I have both devices attached to the same account though so that may show differently than your arrangement.

Also this makes clear that I need to address location not showing up for my wife’s phone…

So I only use one device per account. Each member has their own Samsung account and shares their device through that account. I was trying to avoid the situation of a single account with multiple devices if possible. Would that solve it?

Two things to check if you haven’t already…

On their iPhone, go to Settings and scroll down until you see SmartThings and tap on it. Ensure Location is set to Always and Cellular Data is enabled.

So both of these items are confirmed on their phones. Is the fact that both of their phones have no events tied to it in the IDE a red flag?

no - they should be showing in the IDE with a “placeholder” device type. that means they’re connected via the new architecture and the IDE won’t show much if any relevant information.
EDIT: OK, I see the same activity time stamp as below in the IDE, so you may see the same “red flag” in the device info viewer; but it’s a good idea to get out of the habit of relying on the IDE at this point, as it’s on its way out.

You could check the device state (clipboard icon) in this user-created Device Info viewer to see when their most recent activity was for each device. If you have any issues setting it up you’ll need to ask in that thread, but it should be fairly straightforward.


(timestamp appears to be in UTC - that would correspond to me leaving home around 8:20 this morning and taking a couple of minutes to clear my home radius)