Presence sensor ignored & New devices not showing up

I was able to address the problem I was having saving pistons via a core code update. I am still requesting assistance with two issues:

First, my presence sensor appears to be working, which is to say the Smartthings device list accurately depicts whether our phones are home or not, however, the piston above fires when both our phones are present. It shouldn’t so the logic of the code above appears to be incorrect. Any ideas?

Second, I added some new sensors which are showing up in the Smartthings hub but are not showing up in WebCoRE. I assume those should be included automatically, but they are not available.

Any advice how to address these issues would be appreciated.



First issue: I would get rid of the grouping. Condense the two presence sensors into 1 condition. (You can select multiple devices, then select all in the box that appears.)

Also there is sunset virtual device instead of variables. You can change that too.

Lastly do you have any logs?

Edit: If you are referring to the piston running even though you are home. It is because you have no logic for presence sensors in your second IF statement. So everything will turn off everyday at 90 minutes after sunset. Make the changes above and add the condition of presence to the second IF statement. No logs required. You can also delete the IFs in your else sections.

Second issue: you need to add them just like when you installed webcore. They will not add automatically.